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Why Do Highly Intelligent People On An Average Have Very Fewer Or No Friends?

Why do intelligent people have a small friend circle? This is something that we ponder at times. Friends and family are essential for our social lives but that is where we draw a limit, We do need friends for crises and to learn from their positive influence over us. It works when we choose friends based on how safe they turn out to be for our mental well-being and they influence our personalities.

Choosing friends is an art. A good friend can elevate your sense of self-worth. They guide us where and when we err and put us on a path of self-discovery and improvement. Staying with only a handful of people is not an art but a science that is justifiably right.

It is very much possible that people get intimidated when they are in the company of intelligent people or perhaps the latter lacks basic social skills. If this sounds mind-boggling, here's what you need to know.

1. Intelligent people find satisfaction from within and are not particularly star-struck with materialistic high life. They are content with their own selves, what they are doing and their abilities. So, they do not revel in useless shoptalk, faking interest, trying to keep up with joneses and undying curiosity to know what others are up to. They want happiness long term. They would like to exchange hearty conversations over a cup of coffee rather than mingle with a group of people who waste their time. Intelligent people always use their time productively to learn something new or upgrade themselves.

2. Social highs or lows do not bother these people of intellect. Instant social gratification is never a priority but a factor that delays reaching their destination. Although they appreciate the value of the human touch and the friendship that comes along with it, they do not consider it a priority. A calm evening with one or two friends is any day preferable to a rowdy party.

3. A long list of friends on the contact list and the Facebook page looks most welcome but when they turn out to be meaningless, they just remain that. Intelligent people realize that they do not need to prove themselves to anyone and they do not need to be reassured about their might. They are already pleased with themselves enough and do not need validation from outside. They can draw their strength from within or their small circle of friends.

4. Smart people are prone to allow people into their circle when they meet those who think along the same lines or wavelength. They are content with the kind of relationships they have chosen to be in. They do not need a collection of friends. If the friend they have chosen proves to be harmful to their interests, they can drop them like hot bricks then and there. People with low IQs have reported happiness when they are spending more time with a bunch of friends. People with high IQs have experienced pleasure while being alone.

5. Having so much on their heads and hands to do, they find no time for overt displays of affection and bonding, which more or less looks like drama to them. They do not want to engage with those who create trouble for themselves and then blame others when all else fails. They do not live with insecurities and see that they live meaningful lives. Low self-esteem leads to negative behaviour.

6. Smart people do not pick negative people for friendships as these people are aware of what it can bring to their lives. They also do not engage with people who pull their self-esteem down. They can see through people's pretence and prefer to stay away from deceptive-looking fake people.

7. They listen more than they talk. You will find them silently observing the rest of everyone when everybody is engaged in an enthusiastic conversation. They do not intend to get involved in mindless discussions as well. They benefit more from observation rather than being observed or spending worthless hours with a huge crowd. They like to make friends with equally intelligent people.

8. They do not mingle with people who could lessen their intelligence. Instead, they mingle with people more intelligent than them. They seem to pick those on a similar wavelength or those on a higher wavelength.

9. They do not prove themselves to others. They do not argue just to make their point. They know that competing with others takes them nowhere but competing with themselves will certainly make them better.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 18:32 [IST]
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