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8 Things That Your Mother May Want To Hear From You

You must have heard this popular phrase 'Maa sab janti hai,' which means'a mother knows everything'. This is true and you will be surprised to know how your mother comes to know about your every problem and thoughts even before you even think to voice them.

At times you may think that being a mother is not that tough and you can be a better parent than your mother. However, motherhood is never a cakewalk and it demands a lot of time for your kids and patience. There are so many challenges that one has to deal with.

A mother needs to take care of every single and small things related to her children. Even if she is a working woman, she can't turn away from her children. This can no doubt lead to tiredness and frustration in mothers. If such is the case, a mere compliment from her children can make her day as this can bring a beautiful smile to her face. You don't have to stress your brain too much to think about the perfect lines to tell your mother. Instead, you can scroll down to read about the things that your mother may want to hear from you.

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1. 'I Love You Maa'

No doubt you love your mother like anything and can't imagine living without her. But you need to show this emotion to your mother and make her feel special. For this, you don't have to decorate the whole house or take her to a restaurant. Instead, all you need to do is say 'I Love You Maa' with all your heart and she will be able to feel the intensity of your care towards her. This can actually make your mother feel delighted and happy.


2. 'Let Me Do This For You Maa'

There is no denying that your mother may be doing so many household chores along with looking after you. In that case, if you lend a helping hand towards her then this can actually make your mother feel proud to have a child-like you. Even if she never mentions it but, she wants to hear that you want to help her in household chores. If not always then at least occasionally.


3. 'You Should Take A Rest Now'

Mothers are the only humans who can work day and night without complaining for a second. She will always hide her pain to make sure her children are safe, happy and have whatever they need.

But at times, you too can think of doing sweet little things to impress your mother and make her feel refreshing. For this, you can ask her to take a rest while you will be taking care of the work.


4. 'Thank You For Cooking Food For Me'

Maybe you don't realise but cooking can be tough if a person has to cook or do household chores every day without pause or even a break. Similarly, it can be really challenging for your mother.

There can be times when your mother may expect a compliment from you or little help. In such cases, try to compliment your mother for the effort she has put in preparing food for you. This will make her day and she will definitely consider it as the best compliment.

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5. 'I Made Something For You'

This is one of the best things that your mother might be wishing to hear from you. For that reason, this makes her feel that you actually care about her taste buds. We are not saying that you need to cook a continental dish or the recipe should be the same as served in some really big restaurants but you can actually make your mother smile by cooking a simple dish.


6. 'I am So Sorry For What I Did'

It is said that a mother's heart is like an ocean and she has an immense capacity to forgive the mistakes of her children. Even if you don't seek forgiveness from your mother, she will always forgive your mistakes and will shower love upon you. But still, she sometimes hopes that you will walk to her and seek forgiveness. It is not because she wants you to feel inferior but because she wants you to realise your mistakes.


7. 'You Are The Best'

Your mother considers you the apple of her eye and for her, you are no less than the best child in the world. At times, you may have heard from your mother that you are the best. Then why not say the same to your mother? If according to her, you are the best child in the world, then you must not forget that it is her who has given birth to you and is looking after you.

Your mother may not say this, but she has this desire when you call her the best mother in the world.


8. Your Deepest Secret

Your mother will always be ready to listen to your darkest secret. She will never judge you for the things you did. In fact, she can help you in getting out of a problem, if stuck. Also, you can absolutely rely on her to keep your secrets intact.

Your mother may ask you to share your problems with her and trust me you can't find any other secret keeper, critic and mentor at the same time.

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Well, there is no parameter that exists in the real world to measure the love and affection of your mother. One can never compare the love of a mother. But, you can always do little things for her to make her feel loved and special.

Story first published: Thursday, November 21, 2019, 11:08 [IST]
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