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8 Things That A Woman's Mother-In-Law Would Want To Tell Her

The relationship between a mother-in-law and a woman is quite different from any other relationship. Often in movies and stories, mothers-in-law are portrayed as overprotective mothers and an evil character. There are many women who complained of their mother-in-law being a contributing factor in their disturbed married life.

Many married women complain that their mother-in-law doesn't like many of their habits and their way of living. It is obvious that like every other mother, your mother-in-law might also be quite concerned for her son aka your husband.


1. ‘I Will Always Be The Mother Of My Son’

This is probably the first thing that every mother-in-law would want to tell the woman entering into their son's life. No matter how close you and your husband are, you need to understand that your mother-in-law will still remain the mother of your husband. You don't have to compare yourselves with each other as both of you are important in your husband's life.


2. ‘I Just Want To See My Children Happy’

The moment you walk into the life of your husband, your mother-in-law will always want you to keep her son happy and healthy. It is not only about your husband but also about his siblings. As a mother, she will go beyond her capability to ensure her children are happy and safe. Since you are now going to hold an important place in the life of your husband, your mother-in-law will always expect you to do your best in keeping happiness alive.


3. ‘Try To Understand My Perspective’

Your mother-in-law will have a different perspective and experience. She may have those old school beliefs and would prefer to do things according to her experiences. Not only this, but there can be times when she may ask you to follow the same methods and beliefs. That doesn't mean she wants to impose her beliefs on you. It's just that she thinks her perspective and experiences can help you in a better way.


4. ‘You Can Help Me In Understanding Your Perspective’

Since both of you come from a different generation, it is obvious both of you will be having a different outlook towards life. Still, your mother-in-law would love to understand your perspective. For example, she may not understand the latest fashion trend or social media platforms. She may not say this straight to you, but she secretly wishes you to help her with this. Instead of shouting at her, you can explain about various things going around.


5. ‘We Can Have An Open Conversation’

If you think your mother-in-law doesn't want to have an open conversation with you, then you may be wrong. She will always welcome an open conversation. She would love to speak to you on various topics and share her experiences with you. She won't like to see you being pretentious or intimidated around her. She knows that you are an important part of her son's life and therefore, she would always want you to communicate frankly with her.


6. ‘You Can Express Your Expectations’

Both of you have expectations for each other and it is possible that your mother-in-law will let you know about her expectations quite often. But at the same time, she would love to know your expectations too. You can express them in a frank way and she will definitely pay attention to it. For example, if your expectations were to have a loving and caring mother-in-law, she would definitely give her best to be the same.


7. ‘Let Me Guide You At Times’

There can be times when your mother-in-law would want you to seek her help just to ensure that you are doing the right thing. She wants to develop a bond with you and therefore, she is always ready to guide you at times. Another reason for guiding you can also be that she doesn't want to land up in any trouble.


8. ‘I Just Want You To Keep The Family United’

You may feel that your mother-in-law is quite strict and obsessed with the family. But the thing is that she may want to keep the family united and happy. She would, therefore, want you to look after each and every member of the family. She thinks that you too should hold the affection and love for the family as she does.

There will be times when you may not be able to understand your mother-in-law in a better way. Also, both of you may have some disagreements but at the end of the day, both of you need to understand that being united will help you in understanding each other.