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Kareena Kapoor And Taimur Ali Khan: What Working Parents Who Hire Nannies Can Learn From The Actress

Children are said to be the gifts of the Almighty. When a child is born, it not only brings happiness to the family but also brings so many responsibilities. No doubt parents happily take those responsibilities and give their best in fulfilling the needs of their child.

But sometimes parents need to work together to put food on the table and roof on the head of their children and, therefore, full-time parenting can be challenging for them. This problem prevails especially when the family is nuclear and parents are having a hectic work schedule. In such cases, parents think about hiring a nanny for their children. Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor is one such example of a working parent who hired nanny for her son Taimur. Just a few days after the birth of her son Taimur, Kareena resumed her work. In order to have someone look after her son she hired a nanny. The boy has been spotted with his nanny on many ocassions.

However, there are some more reasons why parents hire nannies.

Reasons For Hiring Nannies

a) Absence of grandparents:

There were times when children grew up in the guidance and care of their grandparents. Even if the parents couldn't give sufficient time to their kids, grandparents spent a significant amount of time with kids and become a role model for the children. They ensured that important values and morals are enforced in the children.

But in today's lifestyle, not every family consists of grandparents. The reason could be couples struggling to keep and bear the expenses of their parents in the urban location or the early demise of their parents. As a result, children are deprived of the essential love, values, and affection they can receive apart from their parents. In such cases, nannies can be helpful. They can give your child the required affection, love, and care.

b) Tiring work schedule:

Parents who are career-oriented or need to do two or more jobs for providing the essentials to their kids might be unable to spend quality time with their kids. They know their kids are dear and important to them but they can't deny the fact that they need to earn money to make life easier and comfortable for their kids. But as a result of this, they become unable to spend time with their kids and look after them.

By the time parents return home after work, they are too tired to look after their kids. In such situations, nannies can be a saviour to the parents and a guardian angel for the kids. They can look after the kids when parents are not around.

c) Stress and depression:

This happens mostly with mothers who stay at home with their kids and look after them. While looking after their kids, they might not get sufficient time to be what they really are or to focus on their careers. Or they might be facing difficulties in doing basic works such as bathing, going to grocery shop, or taking a nap during the day time. This causes stress to them and they might feel depressed. These mothers are then unable to take proper care of their child or they might feel exhausted all the time.

Adverse Impact Of Hiring Nannies

a) Differences between parents and children might prevail:

Though nannies can be a saviour for working parents living as a nuclear family, it somewhere increases the distance between parents and their kids. Since parents couldn't spend more time with their kids due to various reasons, children might feel uncomfortable around their parents. Spending time is not sufficient, parents need to spend quality time with their kids. Else children might feel neglected and subsequently, might frame a wrong image of their parents.

According to Dr Sam Wass, the family psychologist of Channel 4: The Secret Life of 4 and 5-Year-Olds, "Many of the conversations that we do have with children are focused on giving them orders, and telling them what to do - things like chores and homework."

He further added, "This is important, of course, but it's also important to engage in shared family activities where your child takes the lead. This happens much more often on holiday. It's for this reason, I think, that many peoples' warmest and most cherished memories, later in life, are of holidays they went on as children."

b) Children's action might turn out to be rebellious:

Lucky are those parents who get kind-hearted and caregiving nannies. But think about those children who get the opposite. Finding a devoted nanny is not an easy task. Children stay with nannies for a significant amount of time and if, during that time they are neglected and ill-treated by their nannies, children might turn out to be complaining and rebel. They won't listen to their parents, may have trust issues and might consider them as the root cause of the problem.

c) Children might develop a different lifestyle:

Not all nannies that you see are well-aware of the skills needed to raise children. Also, it might be possible that children get influenced by the lifestyle of their nannies and behave accordingly. If the nanny is not devoted and caring, she won't be enforcing the values and rules into children suggested by the parents. This will result in children facing difficulties in adjusting with their parents and other family members.

What Parents Can Do

Hiring a nanny for children is not at all bad if parents too spend quality time with their children. Parents should interact with their kids even after coming from work. Children consider their parents as their biggest support and, therefore, they expect their parents to help and solve their problems. Even if as a parent you are not able to stay with your children during the day time, try to compensate that loss by giving them abundant love once you are free from work. This way children will be able to connect with you and have a healthy relationship. They will understand their parents are working hard to give them a happy life.

Despite her work schedule, Kareena Kapoor never misses a chance to spend time with her son.

She ensures to make time for dropping her son to school, accompanying him on playdates, spending vacation times, and much more. She has proved to be a successful mother and has climbed the stairs of success while taking care of her son. Though her son is seen attached to his nanny, he seems to be attached and fond of his parents as well. She has shown us how parents can be close to their kids even after appointing a nanny for their kids.