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Living In A Nuclear Family? 8 Common Problems That You May Relate To

There is no substitute for a family. Fortunate are those who get to stay with their parents since birth. Doesn't matter if your family is small or big, it will always make you feel happy and loved. It was during our school days when we read the family dynamics and learned the importance of every member of the family. The lesson also included the advantages of having both nuclear and joint families.

Due to the changing needs of urban lifestyle, many opt for nuclear families, but it also has its own set of pros and cons. We have listed some common problems that have made people living in nuclear families face.

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1. Difficulty In Raising Children

This is one of the most common problems faced by nuclear families. Due to their work schedules, parents often face difficulties in giving a sufficient amount of time to their kids. This makes the parents unable to instil the essential values and ethics in their kids. Even if the parents try to spend more and more time with their kids, their busy work schedule prohibits them to ensure their kids are learning good values.


2. Loneliness Among Kids

Since children are small and are incapable of taking care of themselves, they may feel lonely in the absence of their parents. While parents work in their office, children might want someone to be with them and listen to their problems. Often small kids feel uneasy when they don't find their parents or someone close to them. In that case, when grandparents are present in the family, children feel loved and happy even if their parents are not around them.


3. Absence Of Family Members

One of the perks of having a joint family is that festivals seem more enjoying and lively. That doesn't mean that those who live in a nuclear family do not enjoy any festival, but they may miss their extended family during this time. This happens especially in the case of working parents who live in a nuclear family and have small children. Even if there is no festival, the absence of extended family can bring the feeling of uneasiness.


4. Lack Of Emotional Support

Every couple goes through a time when they have conflicts in their relationship. This can become quite frequent if the couple is working and are parents to small children. During such time, these couples may need someone to provide them with emotional support.

In that case, the support of extended family members can actually help the couples to resolve their issues. But in a nuclear family, the same doesn't happen and therefore couples might not get the required emotional support from other family members.

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5. Feeling Neglected

When either of the couples is staying at home and is looking after the kids, he/she might feel isolated. This happens mostly with women as they have to look after the kids and other household work. There is no such thing as 'me-time'. This eventually makes women feel neglected and gloomy.

In such a situation, women may feel the need to talk to someone who is trusted and can provide valuable suggestions regarding the problems faced in day-to-day life.


6. Financial Crisis

In a joint family, people have the support of other family members as well. In case if anyone is going through a financial problem, other members can provide the required help and support.

But in a nuclear family, the couple has to look after the income, expenses and saving all by themselves. They can face difficulties in managing the expenses of kids along with other necessary expenses. This may then bring some differences between the couples.


8. Security Issues

As mentioned above, there are various members in a joint or big family, there is no fear of security issues. For that reason, there is always someone who can take care of the house and also look after other family members. But the same doesn't happen in the case of a nuclear family.

Since the number of family members is quite less and everybody stays away for either study or office work, therefore, it is impossible to keep an eye on the security of the house. It is possible that someone may have sneaked into the house during their absence. Even if the children are at home with their nannies, parents might worry and stay doubtful about the behaviour of nannies.

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Today's lifestyle and fast-moving life have somehow compelled us to stay in a nuclear family. But if it is possible for you to stay with your extended family members then do not think twice. It is not that nuclear family doesn't have any advantages, but the presence of our loved ones can make us feel secure, happy and loved.