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8 Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage During This Quarantine

Do you remember those initial days of your marriage when you and your spouse used to find ways to be around each other or make each other special? During those days going for work seemed to be too cruel as this would separate you from your partner for a few hours. In fact, both of you used to daydream of getting together in the evening and then locking up yourself in the bedroom. We bet, you miss those golden days when you and your partner couldn't withstand being separated even for a while. You might have secretly wished for staying with your partner forever. Well, now you have that chance of spending more time with your partner in this lockdown and so you must make the best use of this opportunity. At must you may find this lockdown to be boring and never-ending but what if say you can turn this lockdown into your honeymoon?

Though coronavirus has led to severe problems across the world, one thing that still seems good is that the lockdown is giving you the opportunity to be with your family. You can utilise this opportunity to rekindle the romance in your married life by going through the below-mentioned tips.

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1. Start With A Morning Kiss

One of the best ways to bring back the romance in your married life is by making your partner's morning beautiful. For this, you can try giving a soft kiss to your partner in the morning. If you are the one who wakes up early in the morning then you can wake your partner by kissing his/her forehead and cheek. Both of you can then enjoy the cool morning breeze with a cup of tea or coffee.


2. Cook And Eat Together

Cooking along with your partner can be another way of bringing back the romance in your life. All you would need is to help your partner in the kitchen. But if you aren't too good at cooking then you can contribute by chopping the veggies or doing the dishes. This way your partner will not only get a helping hand but will also make your partner feel special. Apart from this, try to eat together. Serve each other and appreciate each other's effort in preparing the food.


3. If Possible, Take Shower Together

It can be possible that due to work and responsibilities, you might not be doing romantic things with your spouse for a long time. You can compensate for those during this quarantine phase. You can try taking a shower with your spouse to rekindle your romance. It may seem a bit awkward if you are living in a joint family, in that case, you can wait for your spouse in the bedroom when he/she comes from the shower. After that, you can have a cosy moment with each other.


4. Watch Some Good And Romantic Movies

This is the right time when you can watch some of the romantic movies of all time with your spouse. Make a list of movies that you would love to watch with your spouse during this quarantine. You can then set up the arrangement to watch the movies with the laptop, snacks, cushions, low lights and of course your loving spouse in your arms.


5. Dress Up For Each Other

What could be more romantic than dressing up for each other? During your initial days of marriage, you might have often dressed up for each other. So why not do the same again? You can dress up yourself according to your spouse's choice. Such as you can wear the same shirt that he/she gifted you and wear that shade of lipstick. Your spouse will definitely notice these little things in you and will surely love you for doing so.


6. Communicate Your Love For Each Other

There are times when couples stop communicating their love for each other. The reason behind this could because of the various responsibilities in your life. You may not be able to sit together and have a nice conversation. But this is the time when you can actually communicate your love. Say ‘I love you', hold each other's hands, give surprise kisses to each other, cuddle more often and of course speak those sweet things to each other. Trust us, this will do magic to your married life.


7. Decorate Your Bedroom

Do you remember your honeymoon when your bedroom was decorated with rose petals, candles, and other flowers? We know that you may not be able to do the exact same thing in this lockdown but you can decorate your room by some candles and low lights. Arranging those sweet and adorable photographs can also be a good decision. You can also change the curtains, cushion and pillowcase along with the bedsheet. You can rearrange the furniture in your bedroom to give a new look to your bedroom.


8. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Now, this is one of the essential things that you need to do to rekindle love in your married life. If your married life has been through dry spells, then this quarantine can actually help you in many ways. For this, you can try out some new positions and discuss each other fantasies and desires. You can also try to indulge in morning sex and include some kinky games.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you in making your married life full of love and happiness.