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7 Reasons That Tell Why First Year Of Marriage Is The Hardest

Once your wedding celebrations and honeymoon phase are over, you will be hit by reality. Even if your initial days after marriage were full of love and cosy times, it is obvious that you will face a bit of difficulties while adjusting with each other. You may feel that you are unable to adjust to the lifestyle, taste, choices, opinions, etc. of your spouse. No matter if you have had a long courtship with your spouse before getting married to each other, you may face a few difficulties after your marriage, especially during the first year. This is because being a couple and getting married to each other is not the same thing.

As soon as you get married, various responsibilities enter into your life. After getting married you are supposed not only to adjust with your spouse but also with your new family and relatives. However, there are several reasons due to which the first year of your marriage may seem difficult to you. To know what those reasons are, scroll down this article to read more.


1. You Get Various Responsibilities

Let's get this straight, getting married is not only about celebrations, new clothes, jewellery and enjoyments but also about the never-ending responsibilities that come along with marriage. You are supposed to look after your family, spouse and of course, domestic work. In case, you are a woman, you will have to look after your in-laws and keep them happy.


2. You Come Into A New Environment

If you are a woman, it is obvious that you will be moving to your in-laws' house after your marriage. You will be moving into a completely new environment away from your parents and loved ones. Since you move into a new house and get a new set of family, you may face a few problems in adjusting with them. You may take a longer time to get used to the new change.


3. You Are Supposed To Learn New Cultures And Habits

As you have moved in with new people, you will be witnessing their cultures and habits. With the course of time, you will have to learn about their culture, likes and dislikes. Your in-laws may expect you to get used to these in just a few days. But you may not be able to do so. This can then create a few problems for you.


4. You Have Various Expectations To Fulfill

Your in-laws and spouse may have various expectations from you. They may expect you to look after your spouse and other people in your family. They may want you to have kids as soon as possible. If you are a woman, people may expect you to cook for the family, do the household chores, give more time to the family and much more. Together, all these can make you feel exhausted and things may not seem easier to you.


5. You May Not Get Enough Time To Spend With Each Other

This is one of the things that may make your first year of marriage a bit harder than you expected. While getting married, you might have thought that you will get enough time to spend with each other. But do you know that things can be the exact opposite of it? You may have to greet numerous guests and relatives during the initial days of your marriage. Moreover, you may be surrounded with lots of work. Hence, you may not be able to spend enough time with each other.


6. You May Get To See Each Other’s Weaknesses

It is after spending a few months together when you get to witness your partner's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. You may get to know each other in a better way. You will be exposed to your partner's negative aspects as well. This may disappoint you at times, as you may have expected something else in your partner. You may also have some differences in your thoughts, perspective and opinions.


7. You Go Through A Series Of Conflicts

No two humans are the same and therefore, you and your partner may differ in various things. Since both of you come from a different background, it is possible that you may have some conflicts in your thoughts and opinions. Both of you may not be able to agree on the same thing every time. You may have different preferences and this can lead to arguments as well.

Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs. It is not that one can't adjust in the first year of marriage. Instead of fearing from the problems arising in your marriage, you can deal with them in a patient manner. With equal efforts, love and care, you can make your marriage successful and a happy one.

Story first published: Saturday, July 11, 2020, 16:25 [IST]
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