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Tips On How To Handle Marriage Pressure From Society After Getting Engaged

The moment your partner proposes you and slides a beautiful ring in your finger, your happiness knows no bounds. But looks like this happiness is taxable. Wondering why? Well, we are talking about the pressures that families put on couples. The moment you get engaged, people around you will force you for getting married. It doesn't stop here. Once you get married, you (women) will be asked to conceive.

Whenever a man or a woman touches 30, looks like marriage is the only solution to every problem. You will receive some weird reasons to get married and have kids as soon as you get engaged with your partner. But, you can shut them by giving some quirky replies. Here is what you can say.

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1. "Our Careers Are Also Important."

If marriage is the most important thing for some, then some people do value their careers as well. Work is not only about earning money but doing something you like. You can throw this line at people who ask you to get married simply because that is their idea of happiness. Be it your family or friends, let people know that under no circumstances, you will compromise when it comes to your career. Sticking to your opinion will make others realise that career stability is essential in your case.


2. "We Want To Organise The Perfect Wedding For You."

Good things happen in time, one doesn't have to be proactive for it to happen. If people around you are forcing you for marriage, tell them that wedding celebrations can only happen when everyone is happy to be a part of it. Let people around know that the time has to be right for both the partners who want to spend their life together. It is better to delay the celebration than to regret it after it is over. It is ok to take the much needed time in planning things for the future.


3. "We Will Get Married When We Are Ready For It."

Marriage is not like buying vegetables from the market. It is about taking your relationship a step further, so both the partners should feel equally comfortable before tying a knot. This is not something that other people will decide for you. So if you are not ready for handling additional responsibilities that come after marriage, simply say no.


4. "We Want To Enjoy The Present Phase In Our Relationship."

This one line is enough to make others understand that you don't want interference in your relationship and you want to live life your way. Getting married and having kids is not what everyone is fond of. You and your partner can also explain to others, that you are in a happy phase right now.


5. "Marriage Is A Private Affair"

If you believe that your peace is at stake then this is what you should be saying to people to annoy you. Also, you and your partner can let others know that you have been planning to get married in a private ceremony and want to keep it simple. The moment few people understand that they will not be invited, they will also stop bothering you with unsolicited questions about marriage.


6. "We Don't Want To Get Married."

One of the sarcastic ways to avoid pressure from society for getting married is by letting them know, you have no plans of getting married at all. However, the moment you utter this line, you may get another set of questions such as 'Why you won't marry?'. To this, you can simply say that "We don't want to."


7. "We Are Not Ready For Post-Marriage Responsibilities"

There are few people who are just concerned about being part of the celebration and not about you or your partner's happiness. People around you may give you a hundred reasons for getting married, but it is you and your partner who should decide what is good for both of you.

Story first published: Sunday, January 26, 2020, 7:30 [IST]