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11 Clear Signs That Will Tell If Your Female Friend Likes You More Than A Friend

Sometimes the base of a romantic relationship can start from a great friendship. While for some, the transformation from friends to lovers can be easy, others may find it very awkward.

To all the men out there, your female friend may love you like crazy but you are either unaware of it or confused because of her strange behaviour. However, it is really wonderful if a relationship evolves from a true friendship.

We have listed 11 subtle signs that will tell you if she actually likes you and is looking forward to going in a relationship with you.

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Really Serious About You And Truly Loves You

1. She Often Flirts With You

While some people are flirtatious by nature, others flirt when they have romantic feelings for someone. If you notice your female friend is asking you out on a date, or often asks about the kind of woman you will like as your life partner, then this can be a sign she likes you more than a friend. Also, you may find her love you to be quite platonic. She may hold your hand suddenly while crossing the roads.


2. She Always Dresses Up To Impress You

There is no harm in dressing up beautifully and most girls love to do that. But, if your female friend is only choosing her best outfits whenever she is with you, then it is a clear sign that she likes you more than a friend. She may also ask you about her looks or even expect a compliment from you.


3. She Replies To Your Texts Quickly

Unlike other people who sometimes take time to reply to your texts, she will reply to your text as soon as she receives it. In case, she is busy with some other work and replies a bit late, she will make sure to apologise and tell you the reason for replying late. Even if she is having a gala time, she will take no time to respond to your calls and texts, the moment she receives it. Moreover, you will find her initiating the conversation quite often.


4. She Is Quite Open To You

One of the obvious signs that your female friend likes you more than a friend is, she speaks her heart out while talking to you. She will share everything that's going on in her life as if you mean the world to her. She will tell you her deepest secrets and desires. Also, she will love to seek your opinion and advice on every situation she is dealing with in her life.


5. She Likes To Talk To You Late At Night

If you are the person she often ends up talking late in the night either on the call or through text messages, then it is a sign that is completely into you. She is never bored of talking to you and you will never find her getting bored of you or run out of the topics. She will show her interest in knowing your likes and dislikes. Also, you are the first person whom she contacts every morning.


6. She Acts Differently When You Are Around

One of the obvious signs of whether she likes you more than a friend or not is to see her body language and her behaviour when you are around. You may find her being clumsy or feeling nervous at times. She may play with her hair too often or will stay conscious about her looks. Also, she will at times, lean on your shoulder or will tie and untie her hair more often.


7. She Gets Jealous When You Are With Other Women

Your female friend will love your company always and if you try to hang around with other women, she may get jealous. This is a clear sign that she considers you more than a friend. She may feel uncomfortable or show their discontentment when you are with other women.


8. She Looks Forward To Hang Out With You

It is obvious for people to spend more time with someone they have feelings for. If your female friend really likes you, she will find excuses to be with you. She will make plans for weekends so that both of you can spend some more time together. She will also insist you to travel with her. If she doesn't make plans without you then it is a sign that she likes you more than a friend.


9. She Will Support You In Every Possible Way

Even if you have cracked a lame joke, she will laugh at it and not criticise you. She will ensure that you are always happy and smiling, no matter what. She will always value your presence over others. Also, you will find her smiling for no reason whenever she is with you.

Doesn't matter if anybody supports you in your group or not, the girl who likes you more than a friend will always be on your side. She will support even your weird dreams and will keep motivating you. In fact, you may find her developing interests in things that you like. Such as she will start taking interests in your favourite sports, cooking foods that you like the most and much more.


10. She Pays Attention To Every Single Detail About You

Be it your favourite colour or food, she will remember every minute details about you. willIf you have got a new haircut or have just trimmed your beard, she will notice it. You will receive compliments from her now and then. Also, she will also take care of things that make you upset.


11. She Loves To Introduce You To Her Friends

Is she is always on her toes to introduce to her friends? Then this can be a clear sign that she likes you more than a friend! For almost all of us, friends are one of the important parts of our lives and therefore, we are always excited to tell our friends about our love interests. If your female friend always asks you to meet her friends, then this is a sign she is into you.

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