What Influences A Man's Sex Life? Do You Know?

Having a sex life is very essential in a man's life. It is crucial to keep a relationship going and to feel good about yourself.

At times your mind sends you signals to have sex when it thinks you are ready, and when all the elements are in place. In relationships, men often want the conjugation of flesh but if their sex life is in a turmoil a lot of issues take place.

factor affecting sex

Things that influence a man's sex life or his libido are many. These initiate his emotions and hormones to be actively participating.

So, things that influence a man's sex life are as follows:

1. Anger

Anger creates a lot of issues in a man's sex life. Once you start controlling your anger, your sex life keeps getting better and in this way you can make your sex life better. When you get angry you start living a life of stress.

Stress is unhealthy for a man's sex life. It doesn't create that base for making love. Avoid being angry and it will improve the stress levels and thus help you in your sex life. Anger influences your cravings directly.

2. Pornography

If your man is constantly watching pornography, it affects his sex life. Watching porn a lot affects the sexual satisfaction and decreases it. Porn makes you desire a better sex life every time you make love. Men who watch porn are subjected to reduced sexual pleasure. Avoiding it helps you get the desire fulfilled.

3. Communication

Communication with your partner influences your sex life a lot. Sexually assertive people have a better experience when it comes to their sex life. Loving relationships coupled with good communication equate with high sexual satisfaction.
The ability to express desires and preferences in the bedroom, negotiate glances, and ask about the sexual history of each other plays a major role in how a man feels about sex.

4. Self-esteem

It matters a lot. Confidence is directly proportional to a man's sex life. If you think a lot better about yourself, your sex life will rock a lot. But if you have low self-esteem, your sexual satisfaction will decrease. You won't enjoy as you would be very insecure.

5. Age

Ageing is a process and your age does influence your sex life. Research shows as you get older your sex life decreases. Age affects your sex life because with age also comes health issues and it is biological.

6. Frequency Of Sex

Your frequency of having sex drives your sexual force. It increases your satisfaction and it is seen that more the amount of sex, more is the satisfaction rate of men. Frequency and consistency are important in a relationship and these increase your desires as well.

7. Intimacy

It is time for you let go of the old poses you have been practicing with your partner. Become intimate in various other poses and excite your sex life. Having a higher level of intimacy in the relationship really helps the couple in reaching their satisfaction level in the relationship.

8. Economic Status

Your socio-economic status matters a lot when it comes to your sex life. It is seen that an educated man with good living standards enjoys a better sex life than a man with a lower socio-economic status.

9. Sexual Guilt

It is another major factor for a man's sex life. If a man is constantly dealing with sexual guilt, his sexual pleasure rate would be low. Those who experience sexual guilt or negative attitudes, like a person who views premarital sex as immoral, will experience a lower sexual satisfaction than the ones who are socially liberal and have relaxed thought process about sex.

These are the reasons that influence a man's sex life. Work on these and you will have no issues with your sex life and become better each and every day.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2018, 9:53 [IST]
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