What Do Men Hide From Their Wives? Do You Know?

It doesn't matter how long you have been married, your spouse does hide things from you. It is human tendency to keep things that either makes them look good in front of their wives or keeps their wives away from harm.

men hide from their wives

These handful secrets are always very close to your husband and they are intact in the flesh of their soul.

Do you want to know these secrets? Are you willing to?

Men generally don't express or talk about these, unless they are forced to with few persuasive skills.

Let's go through all the things that men hide from their wives.

1. Past

Normally before marriage, men and women both speak about their past with each other. But there are certain things that men don't share. They knowingly don't want to in order to not have you judge them in a wrong way.

They speak about their relationships to you, but not all. As per a study, it was found that men mostly hide their past relationships and just tell their spouse a bit of it. Later, they get to find out all these from other sources and when they confront, and men do agree with them.

If you really want to know about your husband's past, just try being very casual and, at the same time, try being a friend. Give him that confidence that it is okay if he confides in you because it won't bother you.

Men don't say these past facts about themselves, to not let you not have a wrong idea about them.

2. Social Life

He often hides his social life to you. He speaks about it but up to an extent. He might be friends with a lot many people, including ladies, and he is afraid if he talks about those ladies to you, you might not be pleased and would have a doubt in mind even when there should be none to have.

3. Self-esteem Is Delicate

He is fragile but he often hides it from you. Men do not generally admit to it. Although there are some who speak openly about it. The thing about them is the male ego. It is a terribly delicate thing. They want to know they are the only man you will ever love or they are the one you have loved the most, they want to know they are the best lover you ever had, and they need to know they are number one. It is a very common phenomenon of male psychology.

4. Body Insecurities

Men are very concerned about their body and even though they might never ask you how they look or anything near to that, they will always have this insecurity in their mind regarding their own body. Men feel the pressure to put out an energy about their confidence and present themselves to be very secure. But most of them really need you to tell them that you desire them and how much you feel loved and attracted towards them. When you speak it out, it gives them that morale boost to be more secure.

5. Fear

Men fear the fact of losing. They do not show it because of their high male ego, but they equally feel the way you feel about losing them.

Men keep it hidden and only speak about it when they are extremely emotional. Men keep it hidden unless you persuade them to open up about what they actually feel when it comes to losing.

6. Dependency

He won't ever let you feel that he is dependent on you. Never at all!

He will keep it under his sleeves. But to be honest, he is very dependent on you. Not just mentally, but physically as well. You need to know men just wear the provider and protector pants on but are extremely dependent on the inner side. They want someone or their wives (precisely) to be their support systems. They actually crave the idea of leaning on their wives for support and, at the same moment, they do not want to look weaker.

So, wives, all you need to do is, be his lover, wife, best friend and at times, the shrink. While you are doing this, you will see your husband being more open about his inner-self and will keep guiding you towards his darkest secrets as well.

7. His Fantasies

Common! You didn't expect this to be on the list. I know!
Yes, he hides his fantasies. Not all, but some. The ones that he thinks you will never be able to help him in completing. He never shares these fantasies with you.

I sense the curiosity of knowing these fantasies. Well, these fantasies would be his dreams of many fruitful nights.

To be honest with you, if you and your husband keep having sex and keep on making love, you might as well make him reconsider about telling you his weirdest and most-sought-for fantasies that he plans on with you. So, now you know, what you got to do in.

These are the things he never shares about him, unless you persuade and in a very subtle manner.

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