Things You Should Never Ask A Married Woman

By Soham

Marriage is a personal affair and the rights are with the couple alone.

Married women hear a lot of questions in their daily life and these questions at times are very annoying and irritating when it becomes repetitive and comes from everyone who knows the couple personally.

things you should never ask a married woman

I recall having heard a lot of conversations from women where they talk about how these questions are abrupt, blunt and crap and how weird it is to answer them.

It is a personal affair and when personal questions are triggered by the relatives, close friends and family, it burns a woman from the inside by answering to all of them.

In this article, there are some common questions that have been listed which normally come to every married woman and, trust me, these questions are very irritating when I put myself in their place and think of the way the question was put to me.

I solemnly ask the readers if you ever see someone asking any of your close people or even you or your family women, tell the person who asked you the question directly, that their question doesn't require an answer and it is okay not to answer to such people.

Things You Should Never Ask A Married Woman

1. When are you planning on having a baby together?

This is the most common question that married women get. They are asked this question every day and every moment from someone or the other. A married woman has her own mind and when she and her husband want a baby, they will have one. Why Ask?

I have no idea why and how does it make the questioner happy by knowing the baby planning. It is like a gossip for people.

Avoid asking this question. No woman wants to answer it. It is as personal as sex.

2. Your husband is working and earning well. Why do you want to work now?

Such an absurd question to ask, isn't it?

Becoming independent is a bad thing, I guess. If the husband is working, there is no need to work for the woman married to him. I do not know why people ask this question.

What's wrong with having a double capital at the end of the month? What's wrong with a married woman working?

This increases the prestige of the family that the daughter-in-law is a learned woman. People should understand that it is always good for the couple to decide if both want to work or one of them. Outsiders are none to interfere. It irritates and annoys any woman who is married and is working.

3. You are becoming thin day-by-day. Does your husband trouble you?

This question is not only hilarious but also it annoys a married woman to the core. The first question that comes to a woman's mind is who told you I am getting thin because of my husband? How can you just assume such stupidity? Becoming thin is a natural health process.

Even if there is trouble from husband, why would I tell you my personal problems and how can you have such guts to ask such a question?

These are certain questions that pop up when a woman gets stuck with it. This not only makes them feel this person is irritating but they feel like their privacy is breached for some reason.

4. Who is dominating?

Like you would be happy if the married woman says "he is dominating daytime and I am dominating while on the bed". You need to know there are certain things that people like to keep private and if they want, they will share. Asking them such questions just aggravates irritation in a woman's mind.

5. Should I get married?

That's your wish. How would a married woman answer that for you? At times, friends and younger siblings ask this. Everyone in marriage has a different experience. Based on someone else's experience if you decide, you are a fool and nothing else.

Asking this to a married woman doesn't help. And it is pointless to ask and get answers from the married women. At least you think if you want to get married and if you feel like, then go ahead.

6. Are you good at cooking?

Yes, or no is a different thing. The main point is, even if a woman knows, it is up to her and her husband whether they want to cook daily or she won't cook at all. It is their personal wish.

7. Is your husband okay with you having male friends?

This is a question directly hurting a woman's trust and loyalty. Do not ask questions about the integrity of someone. It is wrong.
And it is up to her husband if he is okay or not. You know the answer won't help but become a topic of gossip.

8. Is he satisfying you?

This question is not only abrupt but extremely personal. If you are not close to the married woman you are asking this question to, then it will definitely irritate her and you will be just damned right there by her.

9. Do you get sick of each other?

This should never be asked to a woman unless you are extremely personal to her. This is married life and if she is troubled she would rather say it to her closest person than you. If you being an acquaintance, you will just irritate and annoy her.

10. When are you planning for a second child?

After having one child, questions start pouring in and people keep asking this question. There is already one responsible for one child. Having another is again one more responsibility.

It depends on the couple whether they want to or not. Troubling the woman with such questions is not advised and required.

Only a fool would be bothered to know something about this.

These 10 are the most common questions that are asked of a married woman and these questions don't go well with them.

Remember to be polite and ask questions that are actually good to have a conversation with and not the types that would ignite irritation.

If you have anything to write to us, feel free to write down in the comment section.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 13, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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