Things You And Your Partner Should Have In Common

By Soham

We have always heard it is always good to be with someone who is totally opposite to you. But what if in a marriage the opposites have a different mindset? What if their want is for something and yours for something else? Ever wondered about these things? Read to know further.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people they say and in that, there are varied ranges of choices each has. Having difference in opinions is a very healthy thing in a relationship and marriage.

Things You And Your Partner

It broadens the spectrum of ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the problems. But there are things where both need to have a similarity or stay on the common ground in order to have a better understanding of the marriage.

Marriage is no rocket science; but just a handful of love, romance and some similarities and differences. This sums up a marriage.

There are certain criteria where having similarity in thought process is very much required, else it causes the disturbance in the harmony of the marriage.

Are you thinking of what all similarities should be there in order to maintain the marriage? Well, I have summed this article in order to notify the common grounds you and your partner should have.

Things You And Your Partner Should Have In Common

1. Agreement On Being Independent

At times, either of the partners becomes totally dependent on his/her better half. While you prefer being independent and want the same from your spouse, the opposite is what he/she wants. This causes a breach of the understanding.

Discuss the freedom and independence that you both seek or confirm with each other that you both are on mutual grounds and there is no difference in thoughts. You both should know how much space you both should give each other.

This would be helpful and doesn't create any trouble in the marriage.

2. Do You Have The Same Sexual Frequency

Having the same sexual frequency is not only necessary but also it creates a virtual playground for the couple. If the couple has different sexual wishes and fantasies, then there might be problems in their sexual acts and this may cause problems in their marriage. Having the same sexual frequency is essential to the satisfaction of both the partners while they engage in making love.

Without it, there will be glitches and there will always be something that would lack and this would hunt both the partner's mind.

To eradicate such glitches, make sure you both have the same frequency when it comes to sexual activity.

3. You Both Need To Have An Equal Mindset Of Being Loyal

You both need to have equal thoughts of being loyal to each other, else there will be a diversion in the marriage on a later period. Clear whatever thoughts that come to mind before you both marry in order to figure out if there is loyalty in between.

If you and your partner don't share the similarity when it comes to thinking about trust and loyalty, it might cause problems in the marriage in the later stages of life.

It is often seen marriages breaking because of such issues. You don't want that in your married life.

Discuss your agenda about loyalty, trust, respect and all things related to it, so that there is nothing to be worried later.

4. Future Plans Should Be Similar

Both of you should have equal future plans or else it becomes hotchpotch in the marriage.

While you have time before marriage, clear off these things from your mind. If you want to have a baby after 10 years and your partner wants it in the next 3 years, then someone will have to compromise, but this will forever be an argumentative topic for the couple and fight will always initiate from this part. Rather than having such deviation in marriage, discussing it earlier is a better option.

Discuss all the future wishes that you both have and then see if there is a similarity in it or not.

Marriage is a mutual thing between two people and there should always be some similar grounds for them to hold hands and stand on.

Without such, the marriage might go through turbulence which neither of the partners wants.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 13, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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