Perfect Wife: Do You Fit Into It? Things To Do In Order To Be One

By A Mixed Nerve

We have all heard no humans are perfect and imperfection is a beauty. Do we believe it? Yes, we do. Every human makes mistakes. So, no one is perfect.

But when it comes to being a wife, men seek for perfection. Wait! Perfection in the imperfections they have. Men have certain requirements from their wives and vice versa.

perfect wife

Let's talk about what are all the things that a woman can do in a marriage to be the perfect one for her man.

It is not rocket science that you need to understand. These are simple and fundamental facts that are every man's requirement from his wife. If you want your husband to be happy, then you must follow these simple fundamentals of marriage.

Marriage is difficult and we all know it. But working it out with your partner depends on how well you and your partner bond with each other.

Women being more complicated and men being a simpler version, it is easy for a marriage to work out. But it doesn't seem as simple as it sounds.

The reasons behind such are the little fundamentals that men and women forget to have and follow in the marriage.

This article is for all the women who are ready to better themselves than what they were doing earlier in the marriage. It is to make them understand where it is going wrong.

Let's see all the fundamentals to be the perfect wife.

1. Loyalty

Yes, loyalty is the most important fundamental of every marriage. In a marriage, it is all about being supportive and standing with each other, every now and then. For every marriage to work, no matter the stage it is in, one must always be loyal to her partner, just like how they should be loyal to you.

You need to trust your partner about not cheating on you. To be the perfect wife, you must also be loyal to your partner each and every moment. Even if you and your husband are going through a rough phase, you still should be loyal to your husband. If you love your husband and he loves you, you will definitely work it out even in the roughest phase of your marriage.

Be whatever it is, staying loyal to the marriage is the key to be a perfect wife.

2. Honesty

Honest is and always will be the best policy in life and in a marriage too.

To be a perfect wife, you need to be honest no matter how bad the situation is and even if it is against you. Honesty is the way to a successful marriage.

It is one of the most important fundamental things that is required in every marriage. Not just a husband, a wife should also be honest. Marriages fall apart if one of the partners is being dishonest.

Understanding the reasons behind marriages, it has always been found that marriages could fall apart if one of the partners is dishonest.

Being a perfect wife requires honesty and dedication to truth. If you have it, you are perfect, milady!

3. Caring

A woman by birth is more caring than a man. But a married woman not just has to take care of herself, but also her husband and her in-laws. Every husband likes to have a caring wife. They love the fact of marrying a caring woman. They feel they can connect more with them.

Men seek for a friend, partner, lover and a mother in form of a wife. If you are giving him that, then you are caring enough for him to call you a perfect wife.

4. Compassion

It is a basic necessity in a marriage. Compassion makes you kind-hearted and every man seeks for a kind-hearted wife. Being compassionate to any negative emotions your husband feels is another important fundamental to being the perfect wife. You need to show that you care enough about him and your kindness is what makes him feel good. If you are being kind towards his emotions and in understanding him, you are already perfect in your man's eyes.

5. Intimacy

Intimacy is the fundamental thing that every man and woman need to have in the marriage. Being intimate with your husband is the key to a perfect wife. Intimacy can be verbal or physical. It can also be in signs. As long as there is intimacy in the relationship, it is hard for a marriage to break. Loss of intimacy creates differences in the marriage and thus leads to broken ends.

A perfect wife is one who has all these fundamentals in her life and marriage, and between her husband. If you feel you lack one of these, start inculcating it in order to become a perfect wife to your husband.

Remember, it is not rocket science to be perfect in the imperfections you and your partner possess. Just be true to each fundamental mentioned and you will flourish in your marriage.

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