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Hold Me One Last Time Before You Let Her Into Your Life

We all talk about betrayal in the sanest manner but when it happens to us, we go insane and feel our life to be in a very miserable state.

I remember my friend telling me, "hold me one last time before you let her into your life" was the last thing she had said to her cheating boyfriend before he walked away.

What Makes Us Cheat?

There are a lot of things that ponder in the mind before a person cheats. But these all don't justify the act of cheating. Sometimes, people are unhappy in their present situation, sometimes people just want to do it for fun, sometimes they do it out of habit, at times it is just the anger that makes them cheat, etc. There are a lot of things that come into a partner's mind before they plan on cheating and at times it is just the sudden wish. You can never know the exact reason behind a person cheating.

Why Should We Avoid Cheating?

Cheating doesn't bring happiness. It is just a thing at the moment. Cheating is a momentary pleasure. It just brings sadness at the end. There is nothing a cheating gives to a person and to his near ones. Cheating is eventually the saddest thing to do.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cheat

1. It Affects You And People Close To You

Think about cheating as a curse for you and for the people related to you. Cheating hasn't brought any good vibe neither has it given any positive end result to anyone. It just affects you mentally and your closed ones. It creates a tornado of volatile pleasure and then destroys everything you have built. There is no love associated with cheating. It is just the hormones and the conscience that makes you cheat.

2. You Have Given Commitment

You shouldn't cheat because you have given your partner a commitment and you need to stay true to your ground. Giving fake promise soften kill the individuality of the person and if you do so then you are not considered honest and respectful.

Commitment is important and staying loyal is the way to a happy life. But if you are the one cheating your partner, you will always be in the shadow of tension and can never see the sun shining on you.

Cheating makes you panic-stricken. For you want to keep your flaw hidden and not reveal it to anyone. The pressure of this gives you tension and panic. Remember cheating will only bring poison into your life.

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3. Things Can Go Haywire

Many times, cheating becomes a habit and the person who cheats is on a spree of giving fake promises to each person he meets. This makes the person vulnerable to many kinds of diseases. A lot of cases have been found where people have become diseased by STD's and other sorts of diseases.

Cheating will only bring you this because you threw loyalty away from your conscience.

4. You Would Become A Disappointment

Nothing else than a disappointment for the family you will become. The reasons being you chose cheating over loyalty. Your family will start hating you and the way you had your affairs, they will walk past you and finally, you will become a loner. You don't want this to happen to you. You don't need to be a disappointment for anyone, rather cherish the loyalty factor in you.

5. You Will Lose Your Closest People

The saddest part will be losing your closest people, including your own children, wife and other family members. Everyone hates cheating and you shouldn't indulge yourself in those activities, else you will fall short of your glory amongst your family members.

6. You Are Disrespecting Your Own Values

Disrespecting yourself, in other words, is cheating yourself in this context. When you get involved in cheating you disrespect yourself and this is sad for every human being who disrespects himself. You are the first person to know about cheating and if you still continue cheating you start disrespecting your own soul and the quality of love it has. You become the prey of lust and do things that the moment or the situation makes you do.

These are the 6 reasons that say cheating doesn't help at all. You need to let your habit of cheating walk away and inculcate the habit of being loyal and dedicated more.

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