Habits That Kill Romance And Love In A Daily Life

By Soham

Waiting for long to fix the romance in your daily life? There is no more waiting for you after you go through the article and start making amendments to bring back what you feel has been lost in your marriage.

Marriage can be painful if romance is lost. We start becoming uncomfortable staying in the same house, sleeping on the bed, eating on the same table, watching movies on the same couch.

habits that kill romance

Marriage is hard, I understand, but it is not impossible to have it run successfully for this lifetime.

Marriage is the way two people unite and bond till death approaches. Until then why not live in harmony with each other with the romance and love flowing through emotions and attachment.

It is often seen people at the start of a marriage that the both of them are very happy and once the marriage starts aging, the entwined romance in them keeps depleting. The reason behind such is the loss of interest in partners for each other.

A lot of studies on marriage has shown that married couples often split due to very silly reasons.

What if you can maintain the romance and love between both partners? Do you think any marriage will split apart? Does marriage involve only being with each other without having a proper connection?

Remember, if you stop these habits, you are certain of getting back the romance and love which you crave so much.

Habits That Kill Romance And Love In A Daily Life

1. Whining About Small Things

This is an everyday affair in all marriages, as people keep crapping about things such as "he did this which he shouldn't", "she never picks up the phone", etc.

These minute whining about each other every day leads to a bigger argument and there you see the graph of arguments and irritation from each other increasing and the romance and love in between the couple going on decreasing.

Arguments and irritation are inversely proportional to romance and love in a marriage.

Try avoiding it and you will find yourself in each other's arm cuddling happily.

2. Talking About Work 24*7


Don't take your office work back home. That's not the deal with your spouse. If you do work at home even after office hours when will you give time to your partner?

Think about your partner waiting for you to reach home so that she can spend quality time with you.

And if both the partners are working, then go home but leave the work outside the door. Engage with each other with other topics rather than talking about deals and works that you and your partner did the whole day.

You will eventually get saturated with this everyday affair and then start searching love and romance. But there will be none. Because the habit feeling romantic and pouring out love your partner would have gone.

It's better if you stop talking about work 24*7 and start talking about what you both would want? Watch a movie or just make out or order dinner and have a romantic setup for the night.

Think of varied ways in which you can get romance in both of you back in action.

3. Being Caught In Technology When Together

Why do you and your spouse keep using phones, laptops, tablets, etc., when you are together sitting right next to each other?

What fruitful experience of romance does it give you?

Wouldn't it be beautiful to see you and your partner planning on something together in those moments of sitting beside each other, rather than being caught in technology?

Just think logically, romance is a practice and it doesn't just happen. It needs the connection between two people in order to show it's beautiful and create magic for both the partners.

Kill this habit today and start spending time with each other than with technology even when you are right beside each other.

4. Having Unrealistic Expectation Is Dumbness

Many couples do this. Why do you have to see others in order to create an expectation from your spouse?

What if your best friend's wife gifted him a new car for his birthday? Why do you want your spouse to do the same?

What if your sister's husband took her out to the Maldives for their anniversary? Why do you crave for such from your husband?

It doesn't make sense in comparing and creating expectations when it is least required. These kinds of unrealistic expectation burden the marriage and then romance just say goodbye and walk away from the marriage.

Don't have such expectations for it only makes your marriage hard. Nothing else happens.

5. You Reduce Your Sex Life

Earlier, you used to have it daily. Later it turned to weekly. Furthermore, it became monthly. Now, at this point, it has become some quarterly. Thus, in this way, the reduction of sex life creates a gap between the both of you.

Romance sees this gap and decides to roll over to hibernation.

This hints that you need to have a regular sex life so that the entwined romance just keeps spilling the moment you see each other.

These 5 habits are the ones every couple face and these are the reasons behind romance and love fading away.

Change these habits to see how romance and love take over.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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