Common Marriage Problems We Face Everyday

By A Mixed Nerve

Every now and then we do come across problems in a marriage. It is easy to get married but staying happy in a marriage needs a lot of work, behind the scenes.

Every marriage goes through a paved road with ups and downs and the ones who make their way out of these ups and downs are the ones who have a successful marriage.

common marriage problems

Problems in a wedded life can be many, but common ones are the most frustrating if not handled well. Getting through these problems is only possible when you are able to observe and understand these problems better.

Let us now see the common marriage problems and the ways to resolve these.

Common Marriage Problems

1. Inability To Communicate

Communication is the key to build a successful marriage for it is the stepping stone to understand each other. Inability to communicate in your marriage leaves you drained and you lose hope in the marriage. Certain problems in marriage are lack of stating your point of view, inability to express what you feel or need, being an abstracted listener, ungracious and offensive talking, yelling, slamming things while conversing and criticizing each other. In marriage, it is all about the way you handle the communication with your partner.

In order to overcome this problem in a marriage, you have to make sure that you communicate regularly and become a good listener, be more positive in the conversation or become more assertive and never let anger or irritation guide the conversation.

2. Trust Issues

This is one of the main problems and that often leads to a failed marriage, if not tackled in a proper manner. It basically is mind games that we play with ourselves when we have trust issues. We turn to think about the worse scenarios and try to test our partner in varied ways. Lack of intimacy and often cheating lead to us having trust issues.

To avoid having trust issues, you must practice trusting others, talk about yourself with others, converse regularly about the smallest things that matter to you in the marriage, discuss about your daily life, discuss secrets, try to analyze things from your partner's perspective, be honest, let go of the past and repeat all of them as a process to become better each day inside the marriage.

3. Incompatibility

Incompatibility in a marriage kills the love between a married couple. Small disagreements, baseless arguments, and reasons, etc., can make one feel that the partner is not compatible and hence it is better to take a different road.

You can easily let go of the incompatibility issues by spending more time with your partner, being more intimate and trying to do things that you and your partner like doing. This leads to a happy and successful marriage.

4. Inadequate Intimacy

One of the major reasons why marriages fall apart is the decrease in the level of intimacy the couple has. Intimacy is all about how close you can get with your partner in the manner of thoughts, minds, emotions and sexually. Intimacy often regenerates the love in a marriage that becomes stagnant after a certain period of time.

To get back the level of intimacy for each other, both must reach out to their personal fantasies, wishes, and dreams and try the same on each other, giving new ideas to make love.

5. Time

The key in marriages is giving each other the adequate amount of "time". If you fail to give your partner the time he/she desires with you, be certain of the marriage failing. It is often seen that partners take each other for granted and that leads to arguments, fights, discussions, etc., which make things worse in the marriage. Spend more time with your partner. Do things that would make your partner happy and would make him/her feel that you care. Do everything that would help you connect with each other and spend some quality time in the marriage.

These are the most common marriage problems. Every couple has a different mindset and every individual has an own perception towards marriages. Look into your marriage and see if there is anything you can add to your marriage that would help you and your partner feel better.

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