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Avoiding Divorce Because Of Kids? Read This!

Though most of us think that children of single moms may face a tough childhood, a new study has cleared such doubts.

Actually, many women avoid divorce and resort to stay in troubled marriages mainly because they fear the future of their kids.

But now, researchers say that even single mothers of this generation are managing to successfully raise the kid.

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What Researchers Say

As a part of the study, researchers studied the emotional health and stress levels in children of single moms and compared the data with other kids and found no significant difference!


How Single Moms Manage

Most of the single moms who raise their kids alone ensure that support from other relatives and friends is provided. This helps the kid grow amidst a healthy atmosphere with healthy social relationships.


How Quarreling Parents Spoil Childhood

Contrary to most of our opinions, researchers say that children of quarreling parents suffer more than children of single parents.


Human Relationships

Researchers finally say that strained relationship between the parents and strained relationships between the parent and the kid are some factors which have a negative impact on the kid's emotional and mental health.


Raising A Kid

Though raising a kid without a father isn't always a healthy decision, if handled well, it is a better option than raising a kid in an environment where both the parents fight every day. In fact, such environment may cause fear, stress, inferiority complex and depression in kids.



Researchers studied more than 70 single moms and their kids and compared the results with other kids and came to a conclusion that single mothers can manage the challenge.

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