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What If Your Husband Earns Less?


The world runs on money and unfortunately, most of the human relationships are also built on money. But when it comes to your loved ones, you don't want to bring money into the equation.

If you do, then they lose their charm. Now, we are talking about the role of money in marriage. Money is very important because love alone cannot get bread and butter. You need money to run the family.

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But what if you earn a bomb while your husband earns very less? Would you ill-treat him? How would you treat him? Men generally suffer inferiority complex when they earn less. Read on to know more.



Measuring his worth only through his pay cheque could be very insulting to him. Instead of underestimating his abilities, try to treat him as an equal.


Showing Off?

If you constantly talk about your salary in front of him, it could prick his soul. Yes, he knows that you earn a lot more than him. But talking about it frequently will remind him that he's earning peanuts!

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Comparisons could breed misery. Yes, if you talk about how rich your neighbour is and constantly compare your husband with the neighbour, his self-esteem would be wounded.



When he comes forward to pay any bills, don't laugh looking at his small contribution. Take whatever he gives to run the house. Let him feel worthy enough.

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Spending Money?

If you ever have to spend on him, don't keep talking about how big you are spending on him. That will hurt him and he will never accept any gift from you in this lifetime.



Don't make fun of his job even though he earns very less. Every job is a job and should be respected. Let him enjoy his job.

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