What People Expect From Marriage

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Each of us view the institution of marriage in a different way. And our expectations from it will also vary. So, we cant generalise them at all.

But still, when surveys are conducted in which men and women express their opinions about marriage, we can see some common patterns in the opinions expressed by a majority of them.

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Are you wondering what they are? Well, here are some of the results of the surveys...


For Men: Sexual Touch

Most of the men opined that sexual touch is very important for them. Some men even went to the extent of saying that one of the main expectations for them through marriage is a dedicated partner to enjoy the pleasures of life.


Attractive Spouse

Some men openly admitted that they would love an attractive wife to show the world how special they are. Yes, some men feel great when they could win a beautiful woman. Men basically want to brag about their achievements and also manliness.

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Men want someone to make them feel better when life is not on their side. So, the next expectation from marriage is a wife that supports them emotionally.


Praise And Admiration

Some men admitted that they would to be praised by a woman. Also, their protection instinct becomes stronger when they are admired by a woman.

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Domestic Support

As men are incapable of handling many of the domestic issues alone, they also expect support from a wife for household chores through marriage.


For Women: Affection

Most of the women said that affection is more important to them than mere physical intimacy. So, they expect a man who can fulfill their need for affection and love through marriage.


Honesty And Openness

Women also expect honesty and transparency from a husband in marriage. They want someone who can stay settled in the relationship without looking elsewhere.

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Women would love to be listened to. Most of the women who participated in the survey claimed that they would love to have someone who can understand them and their issues easily. Also, they expect intellectual company through a man from marriage.



Women expect commitment from the through marriage. Of course, even men expect it. But a majority of women admitted that commitment is among the top priorities to them.


Financial Support

Some women also said that financial support and security are also among the factors that they need through a marriage. Now, are you surprised that both men and women didn't mention about romance in their expectations from marriage? Well, god knows why that word was missing in their list of expectations!

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 16:47 [IST]
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