What If Your Wife Is An Extrovert?

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Extroverts are totally different from introverts. They love to be outgoing and surrounded by people all the time. Some men may find it tough to digest the qualities of extroverted women. But gradually, once they get used to those qualities, they will be fine.

Actually, you will enjoy her company. Marriage is about knowing each other and then allowing each other to grow.

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So, firstly, here are some general traits of extroverts. Also, read on to know how to handle those qualities.


Respect Her Independence

Extroverts tend to be fearless and fiercely independent. They don't want to sit at home and spend the rest of the life in the kitchen. So, let her feel free. Don't put any conditions.


Compliment Her In Front Of Her Friends

Extroverts enjoy being with people. Others also love their company. If your wife is an extrovert, she'll be surrounded by a group of people who admire her company. Give her a compliment in front of them and it makes her feel happy.

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Always Fuel Her Enthusiasm

Extroverts are always brimming with enthusiasm when they are in groups. Let her enjoy life like that. If you curb her moves she will feel de-motivated.


Be A Good Listener

When she keeps talking, don't break her flow. Try to enjoy her company. Extroverts love to offer their company and advice to others.


Don't Be Jealous

It is quite natural for an extroverted woman to have many males around her. Just trust her. Don't suspect or be jealous.

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Let Her Shine

A flower blooms as it is its natural quality. In the same way, let your woman shine in whatever she does in her life. Her efforts, achievements and growth giver her more happiness than what you can give her.

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Don't Criticise Her Need For Approval

Sometimes, extroverts crave for others' approval and they may constantly need someone to be with them. Don't criticise such qualities.


Let Her Grow In Her Career

You will never be able to live happily if you kill her career dreams. So, let her explore her life and be on her own.

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Story first published: Friday, January 20, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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