Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate

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It isn't easy to stay together, work together and live together for a lifetime. Yes, even a couple is like a team and they too have different opinions and disagreements.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate

Sometimes, your approach towards the relationship can make your partner cooperate or make your life hell. If you are someone who takes all the credit and blames your partner for everything, your partner may never cooperate with you.

They say that a relationship is like a mirror that shows your true self. So, when you are kind, you may get more kindness your way. Here are some simple ways to get your partner co-operate with you.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 1

Instead of saying 'I know better. Let us do it', say 'Let's think together. Do you have any ideas?' Unless you involve her in every step, your wife won't be interested in working on common goals.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 2

When you want her to work towards a common goal, say 'This is a chance to show what we're a capable of' instead of making it look like a selfish venture where you take all the credit when she works hard to play her part.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 3

When things go wrong, instead of blaming her saying everything went wrong because of her, try saying 'It's our mistake. Now, let us make things better together'. When there is progress, always compliment her.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 4

When she comes home with a sad face saying the day wasn't well for her, share her concerns first instead of explaining how bad your day went.

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 5

When both of you are tired and she keeps nagging you, you might feel like saying 'No, you are wrong'. But say, 'Both of us are tired. How about discussing tomorrow?'

Ways To Make Your Partner Co-Operate 6

Some quarrels are not started by you. But still, you won't lose anything by patching up first. Simply say 'Hey, sorry for taking it too far last night'.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 6:44 [IST]
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