5 Tips To Handle Rude In-Laws With A Calm Mind

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It may seem nice and easy right after marriage, but it takes not more than a day to actually find out the true colours of your in-laws!

There are television shows and major motion pictures that deal with this very situation that is faced in every home, and in every family. The truth be told, mother-in-laws are annoying enough, once you get married and the situation becomes a lot more worse when the only man you thought who stood for you goes against you, for the sake of his 'mother'.

These days, modern women should know the art of dealing with a rude in-law. Although it is not nice to simply take all that nonsense in, it is suggested that you act and react in a calm way to deal with any given situation you face. To deal with a rude in-law, you should first set some ground rules with your hubby.

Make him understand that your way of thinking is very much different when compared to his mother's way of thinking. Read on and capture some of these useful marriage advices on how to deal with that 'monster-in-law'. Take a look:

tips to handle rude in laws

Set Boundaries: "Good fences make good neighbors". If your in-laws know how you work around them, it will be easy for them not to get in your way. Set your boundaries straight and you will be okay.

Avoid Boiling Topics: Never give the in-laws a chance to talk ill about you. If you and the mother-in-law have a share of differences, let it lie low for the sake of one person, that is, your hubby and her son.

tips to handle rude in laws

Keep The Distance: It is best to only speak when spoken to, especially if the in-laws are rude and cranky. Keeping a distance from the old couple can save your marriage. If staying in a joint family, it is best to move out as soon as possible to avoid more problems from popping up.

Sometimes You Have To Fake It: Present a united front with your spouse, who should insist that you be treated respectfully. In this way, you will not give them a chance to be rude to you.

tips to handle rude in laws

Begin To Assume: To deal with rude in-laws, one of the best and most easiest ways to get along in the family is by assuming that they are old and good. Whatever they claim to say, push it out from one ear to the other.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 18:15 [IST]
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