10 Reasons Why Your Wife Hates Your Mother

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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It is complicated when it comes to maintaining a relationship with your in-laws. Relationships with your spouse and his/her parents can sometimes make or break a marriage.

A mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s relationship is fused together only through various circumstances. It is an age-old power struggle that has become the affliction of most marriages.

It is stereotyped that most husbands can't stand their mother-in-laws just like how daughter-in-laws can’t stand their mom-in-laws.

Yet, the feuding between mom-in-law and her daughter-in-law has always been complicated and hard to be understood, due to complicated sensitive relationships.

Most wives have programmed themselves to dislike their partner’s mom.

This can turn out to be true if you are having a rough patch with your spouse. Tensions in marriage usually heighten when there are hazy in-law boundaries as well as the way your spouse feels about your parents.

So, here are 10 reasons why your wife hates your mother. Have a look and do know how to act as per each situation accordingly.



No matter how modern your mom may be, yet she would want her daughter-in-law to have certain standards and traits of traditional housewives such as keeping the house clean, upbringing the children well and cooking the food well.

This is one of the reasons why your wife hates her mom-in-law because your mother rejects her choices and always tries to interpret her decisions differently.



Getting to know your in-laws would take time, especially if you are newly married. Most daughter-in-laws eagerly await a warm welcome with open arms when they enter your household.

However, when she doesn't get the welcome that she had expected, she will certainly feel disheartened. This is one of the 10 reasons why your wife hates your mother.


Never Accepts Her Decisions

One of the ten things that your wife hates about your mother is the fact that she never accepts her decisions and goals.

She may be rancid with her mother-in-law if she never shows interest in things that are most important to her such as international travel or homeschooling.

There is bound to be friction between your wife and your mother, when they both feel offended with each other's tastes, dreams and values.


Keeps Dictating

Relationships can only work when there is willingness and effort made to seek an understanding. And when it is not there, it could turn out to be negative.

Your wife will hate her mom-in-law, as she would feel your mother is domineering most of the time.



If your wife has a problem with her mom-in-law, then you as her husband will need to step in to fix it. However, there are times when you may be the reason that she started hating your mother.

There are always the other woman in every man's life, and it usually is his mother. You may be comparing your wife with your mother by saying things like, "my mom does it this way or she keeps a budget while shopping, or she is always in the kitchen cooking meals for us, etc".



There are also times when your wife feels that she is being neglected by her mother-in-law. During family get togethers or family gatherings, your wife could feel that she is being unnoticed or ignored by your mother, and this can cause problems in your marriage.


Discussing Your Past Girlfriends

Your mother keeps remembering or discussing about your exes when your wife is around. For example, "I saw Malini, remember the one from that well-bred rich family.

I saw her at the supermarket; she has three kids and runs a digital marketing company. She even said to say hello to you". So, discussing about your past life could lead your wife to a huge breakdown.


Physical Appearance

One of the 10 reasons why your wife hates your mother is because she always passes comments about her physical appearance such as weight gain, her eyes looking tired or why she had opted for a bad haircut.

Your mother may not have any ill intentions about passing comments, yet your wife could take it the wrong way.


Keep Advising

Your wife might have never liked to be told by your mother about your tastes and preferences. You may prefer to have your clothes folded this way or your coffee stirred perfectly right; yet your wife would never like to be told by your mother about how it should be done.

These are some of the reasons why your wife could possibly hate your mother's advice and opinions.


Treats Like A Child

When your mother treats you like a child in front of your wife then your spouse is never going to accept it. She would loathe her mother-in-law for treating you like a kid.

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