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Silly Excuses Cheating Husbands Give When They're Caught

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Some men want to cheat. But none of them like to get caught! And when they get caught, they would love to give excuses to escape. At the end of the day anyone would want to look innocent!

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In this post, let us discuss about the funny excuses men give when they are caught red handed while sleeping with another woman.

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But let us not judge anybody because they might have their own reasons to act in a particular way. But at the end of the day, cheating is cheating and nobody might forgive someone who blatantly sleeps outside marriage. Read on...


My Needs Are Being Ignored!

Some men simply say that their physical and emotional needs are not being met properly in the marriage. Well, in that case, they could have openly asked for a divorce or got the issue sorted out instead of cheating!


Boredom Made Me Do This

This is a lame excuse. If you are bored of your wife, remember that your wife is already bored of you. Cheating is not an alternative for that.


I Said No In The Beginning But...

Some men act innocent and say that they were forced by a woman outside their marriage and therefore they had to get into an affair! Well, even if it is true, it isn't a healthy thing to do.


I Wanted To Give Her Solace

Some men act as if they wanted to give solace, peace and love to another woman who needed it badly! Well, if that is the case, seek permission from your wife and give solace to your girlfriend. Will that ever work? Does giving solace mean sleeping with a woman?


My Wife Gives More Importance To Her Career

Okay, if your wife is career oriented and is giving too much of importance only to her work and is ignoring you, talk to her. If she still cares a damn about you, there are other options to move on. Why cheat her?


My Wife Gives More Attention To Kids

Of course, your kids deserve more attention than you! You are an adult who can take care of yourself. She was right and cheating such a devoted mother is a heartless thing to do!


My Wife Always Gives Headache As An Excuse

When you wanted to make love, your wife gives headache as an excuse. Well, why not try to cure her headache? Offer a massage. Or relieve her from stress. Or if that is a plain excuse to avoid sleeping with you, then you can always ask her what her problem is before cheating her.

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