7 Things That Will Irritate Your Wife

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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The topic headline is enough to attract you, right? You spend your valuable time in inventing new ideas to irritate your wife and, here, you’re getting all 7 together. Are only 7 things that will irritate your wife enough? If not, you can find out new things that can irritate your wife.

But, with these 7 things, we're sure you can irritate your wife and make her go crazy. Remember, not to overdo any of them, as none will come to rescue you if she goes mad.

Why to create a third world war in your house, right? Anyway, why do you need things that will irritate your wife?

There are many husbands who just like to do these little things that will irritate their wives to a large extent. They say it keeps up the spice between their relationships.

They love to run away from their angry wives and enjoy this little prank that they play on their wives. However, wives also admit that it becomes very romantic when their husbands pamper them afterwards.

There are also some husbands who just don’t get the point at which their wives get irritated. If you help her in household, that is a problem, as she thinks you are a total mess.

If you don’t help, she thinks you’re not caring for her. What to do? Do nothing, just go through these 7 things that will irritate your wife and think whether you do these or not.


1. Comparison With Your Mother:

"You cook well....ummmm....but not like my mother!" You don't need anything to make her more irritated. But, don't repeat it regularly. None will be responsible if she announces strike at the kitchen. Keep it on the top of the list of 7 things that will irritate your wife.


2. Comparison With Other Ladies:

Do you want to make your wife jealous? Praise your friend's wife or any other lady in front of her. First, she will frown at you; then with a stern look, she'll take you to task. If you don't behave, God also might not know what will happen to you after your guests leave your place.


3. Capture The Remote:

Yes, it's very difficult but if you get it, you're the king. Change the channel just when the serial is going to reveal the murderer. You can't imagine how irritated she will be. She can fight for the remote and you can get a chance to cuddle her in the process. You only wanted that, right?


4. Never Keep Things In Order:

You don't need any other thing that will irritate your wife to the fullest. Just put your wet towel on bed or leave your socks and underwear on the floor. Hang your clothes just before her nose. You're all done, and gone too.


5. Create A Mess:

Don't you like to make the morning tea every day? Just create a mess at her tip-top kitchen. Spill milk over the gas oven, keep spoons unwashed in the basin, and leave used tea-leaves in the pot. She will never ask you to do the same. You can be ‘messy' without playing football.


6. Ignore Her:

Let her talk and don't stop her (you can't, though). But, let your mind fly free. If she is talking about a new jewellery, you can think about any serious national issue. And when she finishes talking (she will, don't worry), respond her by asking, "What?" Whoa, now can't imagine that situation here. You're toast, buddy!


7. Don’t Admit Your Fault:

There is no better way to culminate the 7 things that will irritate your wife. Never ever admit your fault, even if you are the guilty one in a situation. Just continue arguing and irritate her with those weird arguments.

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Story first published: Friday, January 15, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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