Why Men Should Do More Household Work

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If you are married and if the men around you seem to be more happy then realise this- they are doing more house work. Yes, a recent study revealed that men who help their wives by doing the household work tend to get more romance and better bed life!

Researchers concluded that such men do get frequent love making sessions from their wives. The quality of intimacy that they enjoy seemed to be a lot better than men who neglect their homes and chores.

What If Your Husband Doesn't Help With Housework-Cook

So, if your husband doesn't help with housework, now you know what to do! Previously, men used to avoid the housework but today's men have evolved a bit and started helping their women more according to this research.

What If Your Husband Doesn't Help With Housework-Cleaning

Men generally hate cooking, dish washing and doing laundry. But those who really went out of their way to do such tasks enjoyed a better life between the sheets.

What If Your Husband Doesn't Help With Housework-Dinner

In fact, if we look deeper into the evolutionary cycle of human beings, we can understand the reasons behind this. Men were protectors back then and they focused more on offering safety and security from threats. Back then, threats were from wild animals and reptiles.

What If Your Husband Doesn't Help With Housework- Floor

But as we have evolved and started a city life, we seldom have any such threats. And added to that, even women started working and they hardly need any financial help from a man except in rare cases.

So, the only option left for a man to impress a woman is by being a helping hand at home. And men must have realised that their lives would be lot better if they start sharing the household chores. Also, if men seldom do household work, women might get irritated and passive aggressive which would indirectly spoil the romance in the marriage.

What If Your Husband Doesn't Help With Housework-Romance

Also, a frustrated woman can never offer herself in a romantic way and this is why men must start getting into the boring household tasks if they expect something spicy at the end of the day.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 12:57 [IST]
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