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10 Date Night Tips For Married Couples

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A wise person once said, "A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." That should be the mantra of every married couple if they wish to have a successful marriage. Never give up on each other!

It is very easy to get accustomed to a monotonous life, a never changing schedule that you and your partner are used to! But what joy is it giving you? Don't you feel lifeless, don't you wish change?

Instead of taking your marriage to a point where you just get so bored and start craving for a change in life as a whole, why don't you adopt little changes from the very beginning of your married life to have a nice happy and successful marriage?

Romance, flirting and date nights don't have to end after the initial months of marriage. Responsibilities and kids should not be hampering your personal happiness.

So to keep the romance going, schedule date nights, dress up for each other, spend quality time and keep the passion ignited in your marriage!

To help you a little more, here are a couple of date night tips that you as a married couple should follow.


Date Night At Home

Discuss and schedule date nights at home, which will provide you a more comfy feel! Unless absolutely necessary stick to date nights at home.


No Family

Family and relatives are a strict no-no on your date night. So give clear instructions to your family to not disturb you on your date night.


No Double Dates Either

Not just family, your friends are also strictly prohibited! No double date with couple friends, it has to be just you and your partner with no disturbance from anyone.


Time Limit

Don't do date nights just for the sake of it, spending 15 mins with each other and be done with it! It has to be at least 2 hours long, so that you and your partner get enough personal time to get the romance going.


Slow And Steady

If your tight work schedules are not allowing you to have date nights often, then not to worry, start off with one date night a month then proceed to increase it over time.


Be Creative

Date nights shouldn't be about just the two of you meeting and talking at home. Get creative and try to do something romantic like bringing flowers for your wife or watch your hubby's favourite movie.


Child Care

If you have children, then make sure you hire a nanny or inform a relative well in advance to come take care of your child on your date night.


Cancel Only In Emergency Cases

Unless it is a real emergency, stick to making your date nights happen. There has to be a valid reason for you to cancel it.


Fun Date

It doesn't always have to be at home or a dinner date, choose to do something fun together as well, like going bowling, game park, or even a movie, something that both of you enjoy doing.


Lunch Date

For working couple lunch dates a more idealistic! After a hard day's work, you may not be in mood for a dinner date! So make time during your lunch hours, meet with your partner and have a fun lunch date.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 8:01 [IST]
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