Signs She Isn't Marriage Material

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Is she marriage material? Well, this is the only question you need to ask yourself before tying the knot.

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Well, what makes a woman marriage material? When a girlfriend transforms into a wife, several changes occur. Every man expects a co-operative spouse. In fact a wife can make or break a man's life. Maybe that is why they say that behind the success of every man, there tends to be a woman.

Generally, a married woman tends to behave or conduct herself in a different way compared to an unmarried woman. And women who have the potential of turning into an ideal wife are called as marriage material.

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So, is your girlfriend marriage material? Look out for these signs....


Lazy And Dependent

Your wife should be able to manage and run your home affairs successfully. Lazy and dependent women may not be able to render enough support to you.


She's Rude With Everyone

If your girlfriend is rude with everyone, do you think she will be able to treat your parents with respect?


Emotionally Volatile

Generally, such women may create a scene regularly. If you hate the drama in your life, think again.


Lies A Lot

If she starts telling you lies, would you be able to trust her in the future at least in the area of finances?


She Still Dresses Like A Teenager

A married woman's dressing sense is expected to be a bit decent and sophisticated. If your girlfriend hates to dress like that, try to request her.


Nothing In Common

Is she interested in what you do? Or does she take interest in your hobbies? Well, marriages can last longer when couples find common interests.


Is She Jealous?

Jealous girls may also fail to be good wives as they may restrict your actions sooner or later.


She Tries To Change You

Women who try to manipulate or try to change you may also frustrate you. Is your girlfriend like that? Then think again.

These are just a few suggestions, if you have any, please do share them with us.

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