What Would You Do If She Hides Her Past

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What would you do if your wife hides her past? Do you think confronting her or cornering her emotionally helps?

Well, that might help you vent out your frustration but may aggravate the situation. If she hides her past and you suddenly come to know about it, you tend to get shocked.

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You tend to feel cheated. You may feel that you have been taken for granted. You will have a ton of emotions in your head to handle. So, be careful in such situations.

Your rage may lead to unwanted actions that may land you in trouble. Instead, deal with the situation in a cool manner. When a girl hides her emotions or when she deceives a man, it is too tough to digest.

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But read the following points and see whether they can help you.


Be Gentle With Her

Once you have come to know about a secret, choose the right time to talk about the facts with your wife. Ensure that she is comfortable and relaxed before you start the conversation.


Don't Confront Her

When you ask her about the secrets she hid from you, don't come across as if you want to attack her. Make it look more like you have been betrayed which isn't what you have expected.


Explain Her About The Consequences

Once you have opened up about what she hid from you, explain why things should be transparent for a good relationship. And explain the consequences too.


Explain The Importance Of Trust

Tell her how trust can strengthen the bond and how lack of it can lead to a break up.


See Her Reactions

If she reacts violently and if she tries to get defensive then take a deep breath and relax. Don't turn it into a heated argument by reacting wildly.


Gauge Your Relationship

Now that you know about her true colours and how she reacts when her skeletons of the past are exposed, sit silently and gauge your relationship in order to think about the future course of action.


Take The Necessary Action

If you think that saving your marriage is possible, quickly request her not to repeat the same mistake again. If you think that you can never trust her again, try to move on without hurting her emotionally or creating a scene. Throwing your frustration on her may not help. It would further hurt both of you. If breaking up is inevitable, do it with minimum damage.

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