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7 Relationship Problems Of A Late Marriage

By A Mixed Nerve

People get married at different ages as a matter of choice. As such, there doesn't accurately exist the ideal age for marriage although people do feel that anytime between the ages of 25 and 30 is the best age to get married. This is a general perception of every human living in the society.

The societal norm mentions this timeline as the best to get married. In this article, you will explore the problems of getting married late, all the hurdles faced by couples who choose to delay their marriage and get married at a time everybody considers as being "late".

What Is Age Considered "Late" To Get Married?

Well, it is an age that has surpassed the ideal marriage age of 25-30. For men, even 30-35 can be a marriageable age. Perceptions vary and we cannot exactly tell what age is late. However, going by the generalized societal opinion, an age above 35 for men and over 30-32 for women is considered late.

Let's go ahead and look at the problems of a late marriage and one should avoid having one. The reasons are simple and are known but we often ignore these reasons. This article will remind you of these reasons and will guide you in marriage.

Here are 7 relationship problems of a delayed marriage.

The Zeal Of Youth Has Faded Away

The things you would have done if you were younger; well, that makes late marriage a big disadvantage. The zeal and excitement of youth take a sound beating if you choose to get married too late. The things you can do with your partner are also limited unless you and your partners are extremely enthusiastic in nature. If you marry late, the things you do in the younger look like a child's play and you think of ignoring it. But these things that younger couples do, keep their excitement in the marriage alive and helps them in having a stronger bond.

In late marriages, this enthusiasm is hardly seen. Couples are more matured and think of doing things that other couples do at their age. They ignore the activities of early married couples. Thus the bonding between them is lesser than the ones married in time.

Finances Become Too Much of a Priority

It isn't the case that finances aren't a priority otherwise. But in the case of a late marriage, financial planning takes precedence before many other things. Everything depends on finances and how to manage and how to build a family comes into the picture making finance the number one priority for them.

The Rush For Kids

The rush for kids is another aspect that serves as a massive disadvantage of late marriage. Kids become the topic of discussion more often than not and you really cannot say no, can you? Your family keeps asking, your relatives, friends and your neighbourhood people. The constant questions that come as an interview make you feel the need for a child is real and you start rushing to make a baby.

You Don't Give It Enough Thought

If you have been in a relationship with your partner for a good period of time prior to getting married, then fine. Most people, considering age, move too fast and get married without accurately understanding what may be in store.

You Feel Weird About Yourself

You definitely end up feeling weird about yourself because you suddenly realise that your friend already has a school going kid while you have just got married. It kind of bothers you and your partner. This does bring some questions in your mind and at times you keep swearing at yourself for not marrying early. You regret the decision of late marriage.

You Find It Hard To Give Your partner Enough Time

If you get married late, more often than not, your job becomes extremely important. This is because with age, it becomes hard for you to shift career lines and you are overly dependent on your job. This makes you give in to demands of your job, however irrational they may be, disallowing enough time for your partner.

Reduced Sexual Activity

The pressure on your head to balance things out does not allow for decent sexual activity. Moreover, testosterone fades with the age, for men and the pleasure isn't the same when you were younger. In the female, the urge for sexual activity recedes with age. The reduced sexual activity then becomes a reason for cursing each other and the late marriage.

These reasons tell us, marriage should be well planned and should happen at the right time. You cannot just marry at any point in time. Your body, your mind and other things do matter a lot in the marriage. You cannot just evade them away. Having said that, marriage is an act of two people coming together and if it happens earlier it is better.

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