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Marriage Tips For Newlyweds


Newlyweds have their beginning days as sweet as sugar and some spicy romance. The couple is at their happiest, basking in the newly developed love and passion of each other. The initial phase of newlywed couples is termed as the ‘honeymoon phase’. The couples are lost in the love and commitment; they are in bliss every moment. The couples do not want to leave the each other’s side for even a moment. The honeymoon phase is magical indeed.

But the honeymoon phase does not last all life. There comes a time when couples need to get practical and leave the fairy tale love story behind. The daily life issues of money, finances, family and career will start showing up. Newlywed couples have to face these issues and come down to a common platform.


Let's have a look at a few marriage tips for newlyweds which will make it easier for the newlyweds to handle every problem calmly. These tips basically teach the newlyweds how to keep patience in the initial few months after marriage.

1.Communicate – Communication is necessary in every relationship. Even for newlyweds a good marriage tip is to keep communication channels open at all times. The couple must talk about important issues directly and clearly with each other. If there is something you did not like of your partner, you must state that clearly. You are ‘just married’; do not expect your partner to understand your silence. This helps keep misunderstandings at bay. The partners feel much more comfortable in the marriage if they communicate well enough.

2.Understand and observe – One thing that should be clear is that newlyweds are just getting to know things about the other. You must not expect that your partner would know every little detail of you. In the initial months of your marriage, spend more time with each other. Understand each other and try to observe each other. You will figure out every small habit, wants and needs of your partner if you closely observe and understand your partner. The sooner you get to know your partner, the easier it becomes to maintain the relationship. This is a good marriage tip for newlyweds.

3.Families – It is quite natural to take some time adjusting with the new family you would be a part of. It would be different for your spouse as well to meet new members of your family. At this time, spend time with your in laws and adopt yourself to their customs. Families do play an important role in any marriage. So, a good marriage tip for newlyweds is to be good to your in-laws. Your in laws will help you understand your spouse better.

4.Adjustments – Life changes drastically after you get married. A couple needs time to get used to the change. Try to adjust yourself to the change and discuss your feelings with your partner. You might feel it hard to make some changes in your life, let your partner know about them. You can find the solution together.

5.Friends – A very good marriage tip for newlyweds it to be friends. There is no stronger bond between strangers than friendship. You will have a beautiful marriage ahead if you consider yourselves friends, confidante and soul mates. This can keep the honeymoon phase going a little longer as well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 8:11 [IST]
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