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Honeymoon Planning: Arranged Marriage Tips


All of us dream of falling in love and finding our perfect better half. Finding our soul mate completes us and gives new meaning to our life. Most people today find love through courtship and dating. So, by the time you marry that person and becomes his or her forever, you already know a lot about him and is a vital part of his life.

But, what if you entered into an arranged marriage? Many people look down upon it as a primitive concept that has no chance of success. But it is true that an arranged marriage has as much chance of success as a love marriage.

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Of course, if you started life with an arranged marriage, it is quite reasonable that you will be feeling more than a little apprehensive and a little confused. After all, you are with a person who is practically a stranger to you. It will seem even weirder as you are expected to become intimate with this stranger. But, have some faith since the other person is also feeling the same.

Here, we discuss some tips for an arranged marriage honeymoon.



Everyone loves pampering sometimes, especially women. Little gifts go a long way in securing the feelings of your partner and will serve to break the ice in an arranged marriage honeymoon.


Plan an evening

In an arranged marriage it is essential that you show your partner your increased love and affections. Plan a romantic evening with them, essentially making it your first date. This is one tip to get you started on your honeymoon if you had an arranged marriage.


Listen well

Women will find this a tad difficult to follow as most of them like to talk non-stop. But remember your new partner will also like to talk. An arranged marriage honeymoon tip is to be a good listener.


A special place

Whether you are in an exotic destination or not, remember that this is your arranged marriage honeymoon - a once in a lifetime experience. Take your partner somewhere special and romantic where you can be alone.


Don’t forget a camera

It might seem a little burdensome when you are busy planning a romantic honeymoon, but it will help capture a few snaps that will serve as memories of these special days.



Complimenting your partner on their dress or something they did will go a long way in any relationship. This is doubly effective while considering arranged marriage tips since you are slowly learning to love your spouse.


Two is fun

Arranged marriage tips include doing some activity together on your honeymoon like playing a sport you both love or exploring a new place. This will help the two of you bond and will break the ice during your honeymoon.



Honest and open communication is essential for a successful arranged marriage honeymoon. Remember that the other person does not know you well and do not shy away from serious or intimate talks.



Here's another tip for an arranged marriage honeymoon - limit yourselves to little kisses and hugs at first and talk about it to each other. As you become more comfortable with each other, intimacy will naturally follow.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 10:00 [IST]
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