Ways To Deal With A Selfish Wife

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An ideal marriage is hard to find. Nobody is born perfect and so it is useless to expect perfection from your spouse as well. You will have your own set of faults, she will have her own. However if your spouse turns out to be selfish and mean, your relationship could be in a terrible danger.

Selfishness in any relationship can be toxic. Unfortunately some adults can actually behave worse than children. They tend to become irrational, immature and sometimes even resort to bad temper tantrums. Yes, believe it or not- selfish wives do exist and so do husbands. A selfish wife will only think about herself. She will not be bothered about the functioning of the household or the parenting responsibilities.

Ways To Deal With A Selfish Wife

But marriage cannot be dependent on the whims and fancies of your better half. She has to understand that when you marry someone, it is a matter of give and take from both sides. And for a marriage to be successful, one must love, value and respect the feelings of the other person too. So, if your wife is not in the mood to understand all of these, the here are a few ways in which you can make her realise her fault. Deal with your selfish wife in these ways:

Point out: Most of the time, women don't realise that they are are acting selfish at the expense of their partner. So, you have to make her realise her fault by pointing out to her whenever she behaves in a mean manner.
Talk it out: There is a possibility that by acting selfish your wife is trying to point out something. So, before jumping to any conclusion talk it out with her. Try to initiate the conversation by asking whether something is bothering her. This way even she will feel that you are concerned about her and your relationship.

Draw the line: If the talks fail then its better to take the safe option. You cannot just let her walk over you all the time. Let her know that you care for her but that does not mean she can take you for granted.

Divide the responsibilities: Chalk out a to do list of the household chores for you and your wife. Do not entertain any kind of excuses from her if she avoids doing a thing on the list. Rather discuss the consequences when you or your wife is not able to complete the tasks on time.

Give the ultimatum: If things move towards the worse, then it is fine to use threats. Threaten your wife that you will move out of the marriage. If she cares for you then she will change her ways. But if she doesn't care then you know where the relationship stands.

Marriages become successful only when both the partners are ready for a compromise at a level. But you definitely would not have to be compromising all the time. So, try these ways to get your selfish wife see reason and have a prosperous married life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 17:02 [IST]
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