Tips To Enjoy Honeymoon

By: Sheetal Tewari
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Anjali found a big box on her bed when she got up on the very first morning of their honeymoon. There was a big collage of her photographs in it with a small note saying, "I love you Darling. You have made my life beautiful." She was wondering where her husband was and he came in with a big bunch of roses with a naughty smile on his face. She enjoyed every bit of her honeymoon with such beautiful and lovely surprises which kept coming even later.

Are you also planning your honeymoon? What are your plans! Don't worry if you are not prepared, because we can give you some wonderful tips to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest:

Tips To Enjoy Honeymoon
  • Surprises for each other: Anjali can never forget her honeymoon when she received many surprises from her hubby which makes her blush even after 15 years of their marriage. If you also want such beautiful memories, plan lovely surprises for your beloved during your honeymoon.
  • A long evening walk: Holding each other's hand and walking on the beach with all the love and warmth of the world is very romantic! These are the "just for you" moments. Enjoy every bit of it. You will go for many walks in future, but the honeymoon one will always remain special for you.
  • Romantic dinner: You have always imagined having a candle light dinner with him. You can fulfill your desire on your honeymoon by planning a surprise dinner for him. To make it more romantic, you can plan it near the beach with lots of candles around, and playing romantic songs will set the mood right.
  • Water sports or trekking: If you both like sports and adventures, you can plan for water sports or trekking. If you go for trekking, rather than taking a guide with you, do it on your own. You might get good chances to be little intimate if alone!
  • Be a little naughty: Honeymoon is the word that emerges with a little smile on our faces. It is not just being with each other, but opening to each other. So you can come up with your wild fantasies during your honeymoon. Wear those skimpy dresses and lingerie you always wanted to wear and drive him crazy.
  • Flowers: Girls love flowers. Make her feel special as many times as you can. A bunch of flowers or a single red rose will make your day. You might ask her for anything in return and I am sure she won't be able to deny anything to fulfill your desires.
  • Love letter: Does it sound very old fashioned to write love letter to your partner? But just try it; you will definitely feel love in the air. Modern world has provided us with many technologies, but a love letter still makes a great effect on your loved ones.
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Story first published: Sunday, July 28, 2013, 8:01 [IST]
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