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Tears Are Powerful!!!

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Tears do have great power. They work wonders. And women being softer in nature are quite apt in the art of using tears. There are many reasons for men to hate tears after marriage. Well, that is because they know the power of tears and what it can do. It is not that that only women cry, even men do in many situations. Tears are in fact good as they bring out all harmful emotions and make you feel relieved. Here are a few ways by which women utilise their tears after marriage.

Control Situation- Tears have a great power to control a situation. It is true that women cry because they are a bit more emotional than men. But many a times, the same thing becomes their favourite weapon to take command of a situation. If a woman cries then everyone feels guilty. They try to concede to her instead of laying any more stress on what had happened. On the spur of the moment, they tend to forget all her faults and rather concentrate on pacifying her. This is one of the best examples that proves the power of tears. The situation comes completely under your command if you shed a few tears.

But, there are positive and negative aspects of the same thing. There are also many manipulative women who take advantage of it and tend to create discrepancies in the family.

Sympathy And Care- Well, what can be more effective to attract sympathy and care than a few drop of tears. When any one sees a woman cry, they are filled with sympathy. "Poor woman!", is what comes to their mind at the first gaze. People shower all their love and sympathy on them

Prove Right- Had a quarrel with your husband? No matter who is right here, women are always on the winning side if they start crying. Your husband knows the power of your tears. He will simple accept defeat and let you win. Also you will get immediate apology whatever be the case. Though women do not always cry intentionally, but there is no doubt that it has many benefits.

 Want to get an upper hand? A few drops of crocodile tears might help. No one likes to see a person cry, especially women. You get to control and dote over your husband after marriage when they give up upon seeing you cry.

These are the various ways by which we get to know the power of tears in handling and coming out of tough situations after marriage.

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