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Why You Should Not Get Married?

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Why You Should Not Get Married
Many of them are scared of marriage. This is mainly because they either don't like the concept of marriage or scared of lifetime commitment. If you are forced by your parents to get married then try these reasons to avoid tying the knot. Why you should not get married?

Reasons to run away from marriage:

Lose freedom: If freedom is important to you, avoid getting married. This is because you will be under the control of your partner. Whatever you do, you will be answerable to your partner. You can't hangout with your friends to have some space as this can mean something negative to your partner. One of the reasons to run away from marriage is losing freedom to live your life in your own way completely.

No flirting: After marriage, you lose the freedom to live your life in your terms. The worst is you can't even flirt!!! Commitment is 100% towards your partner and staring at some beautiful woman or a handsome man can lead to 2-3 days fight. This is more common if the partner is possessive.

Share: After marriage, you have to believe in the concept of sharing! Not just sharing yourself physically but also sharing your bed, bathroom and hard earned money to name a few!

No opposite gender: Before marriage, you have both male and female friends but as soon as you tie the knot, your friendship with opposite gender can be questionable. In the beginning your partner will try to accept your friendship but after few weeks or months, your partner will react and would like you to be completely with him/her and no one else.

Weight gain: After marriage, both men and women gradually put on weight and the young figure is very difficult to retain back. Kids and other family responsibilities make you ignorant towards yourself and after few years you will not have any charm left! One of the main reasons why women should not get married.

These are few reasons why you should avoid getting married! If you want to run away from marriage, keep these reasons in mind!

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Story first published: Friday, March 9, 2012, 17:02 [IST]
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