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Is Sister In Law A Troublemaker?

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Sister In Law
Having problems with your sister-in-law is nothing new. The primary cause of all problems lies in envy of the relationship that you have just formed with her brother. She does not want you to share the attention or space of which she has been the only recipient so far. They can even sometimes make your married life miserable. At the same time they shall be too good on your face to create any negative image about herself. A positive and cool headed approach towards such issues is the best way to deal with them.

Types of Sister-in-law:

Well there can be two types of sister- in-law; one very kind and supportive and the other always fighting for priority issues. If you are lucky enough you might just encounter the first type which is rare though. Why sister-in-law creates problem in your happy married life? She feels jealous when you receive more attention and love from her family members than she does. She might not even like your husband gifting you something precious instead of her. She considers you as a barrier between the bond of siblings. While you are in shadow of the latter you have to be smart enough to make your way through all hurdles in an elegant way.

Easy Ways of Handling Issues: The best way to cut through the problems created by 'the always interfering types of sister-in-law' is to act as a sugar coated knife. You may kill her with your kindness and good words. Always behave in a way that shows you have no issues with her. Your husband will definitely understand your stance. First of all, you need to create a clear image in the eyes of your husband and other 'in- laws'. Such image would give you a clean chit if any problem between you and your sister-in-law creeps in.

Game of Pawns: Family life after marriage is just a chess game. Your smart moves decides your win or loss. You simply need to move your pawns properly to win the game. Once your sister-in-law realizes your real worth, she might just start giving up on you. No matter how harsh the truth is, it always comes to light. You are the one who can manipulate everything to your own advantage. The more diplomatic you become in your approach, the better you secure your place in the heart of your husband and other family members.

Just remember that you simply should not let anything embitter the relationship between you and your husband. This is one sacred bond that you should secure by any possible means. If you are facing any such problems with your sister-in-law share with us...

Story first published: Monday, May 14, 2012, 9:55 [IST]
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