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A Real Love Story Of My Second Marriage

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Second Marriage
This isn't my love story but a story of my life..

It was extremely painful to see my wife suffering for every breath. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever knew and we met in a family get-together. I proposed a day after the meet and she agreed.

Our life was unimaginably beautiful or may that was why I had to foresee soo much misery in life.
Shruti, my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and even the highly experienced oncologists couldn't promise anything. Life took a terrible turn when she passed away and our children were left alone.

They were too small to realise the big loss. My mother-in-law took care of them until I performed my last rites to Shruti. Life seemed totally empty and it wasn't easy for me to handle children.

My sister convinced to take kids to her house as she felt that I needed some break. I went on a travel for a few days, met relatives and made up my mind to lead life single.

When I went back, it was difficult to manage my two tiny monsters, Sourav (8-yr-old) and Sihi (4-yr-old). They didn't ask me about their mum and I too wasn't in a position to explain about the whole thing. They keep quarreling for silly things and to manage them I required patience like Shruti.

I couldn't plait Sihi's hair, she looked messy all the time. I couldn't cook everyday and bought lunch from restaurants. Samarth fell ill and I couldn't ask anymore leaves from my boss. I planned to hire a nanny and she took a good care of children.

That weekend, I received a call from Amma (mother). She told me about the demise of my relative's husband (maternal uncle's relative). Although it was disheartening, I couldn't react in a big way.

Sadhana, my maternal uncle's daughter was in her late twenties and was called a widow. Few months later, my mother suggested to marry Sadhana as both had suffered huge loses and were sailing on the same boat.

Although it seemed impossible for me, I couldn't trash the idea because my kids required a mother's care. We took time to decide and got married for all good. It was my second marriage.

I was doubtful about my kids adjusting with Sadhana but her maturity towards life gave answers to all my questions. My children are happy with her and I'm at peace.

There is always a second chance in life and we need to accept it with folded hands. This valentines day, I would like to remember Shruti for being a part of my soul and Sadhana for being a part of my present life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 17:28 [IST]
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