Love Marriage Has More Benefits!

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Marriage is a lifetime commitment. A couple ties a knot in their traditional way, promising to spend the whole life with each other. Love marriage and arrange marriage have different pros and cons. For few love marriage is great and for few, arrange marriage is advantageous for the couple as well as the family. Everyone must be aware of the benefits of an arranged marriage but what about love marriage? If you are in love and want to know how a love marriage is good for your life, check out the benefits of this type of marriage.

Benefits of love marriage:

Love Marriage Benefits

You know each other: As you are in love with each other, you know your partner well. By the time you decide to get married, you know the likes, dislikes, expectations and needs of your partner. Whereas in an arranged marriage, you do not know the person with whom you are planning to spend your whole life.

You choose: In a love marriage, you choose someone you like. There is no parental pressure (if they agree) to select a partner for lifetime. This is one of the benefit of love marriage. You select your life partner with your own will and wish.

There is an understanding before: While dating and trying to know each other, you two build an understanding. This bonding helps you become compatible with your partner. It also awakens you about the level of adjustment required after marriage. A benefit to prepare mentally as you know the partner very well.

Family ties: In an arranged marriage, you don't know your spouse well before tying the knot. Also the families have newly gelled with each other while performing this social duty. Whereas in a love marriage, you know each others family. You build a nice rapport with each others' family and this helps in bonding well with in-laws before marriage. You come to know about the family that will be yours forever. You can decide accordingly.

These are few benefits of love marriage. As mentioned earlier, it has few disadvantages also. For example, your partner can take you for granted etc. For a happy married life, you have to compromise a little, understand each other and more importantly value each others space.

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Story first published: Monday, May 7, 2012, 15:23 [IST]
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