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Husbands Are Your ATM

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Husband Money
Women are always at an advantage over men. They are blessed with the immense capability to modulate things to their own benefit. And married women can be called the luckiest of all. No doubt that most women are working and they are independent. But the fact remains that their husbands are always there to support them in all ways. Post marriage most husbands willingly or unwillingly play the role of an ATM. Which means that, you can carry a mobile ATM at any place you go after you get married.

What does an ATM mean? It means an automated teller machine from where you can get money as soon as you insert a debit card. But your husband himself can be an ATM for you, so why bother to go to the real one. You do not even have to insert a card in this case. You get it as a 24 hours free service.

Let us see how girls get an ATM in their husbands after marriage.

Shopping- The bond between that exists between women and shopping in simply inseparable. So is the bond between women and money. It is very easy to get money from your husband for shopping. They know that nothing can make a woman happier. Hence husbands are always willing to act as your ATM just to make you happy. The only difference in your husband being an ATM to you and a bank ATM is that you do not need a debit card for the money withdrawal. All that is needed to make a husband work like an ATM is a little buttering and a smile.

Monthly Allowance- Most married women take some money from their husbands as a monthly allowance. And this they can extend to any limits by saying that it is for family expenses. A husband will give them money as they think that it is really a need. Women can thus manipulate their husband in many ways for money.

On Your Own- Women are not the least bothered if their husband does not give them money? Some women can easily pick money out of the wallets of their husband. This has been a practice among many housewives since ages. And this is actually fun for some women. They love to pick a few currency notes whenever they find that their husbands are not noticing it.

So, you see how the poor husband becomes an ATM for their wives either willingly or unwillingly.

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