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4 Changes Marriage Brings In Men!

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Changes Marriage Men
Marriage is an exciting new chapter for a couple. The whole idea of settling and spending the rest of the lives together is a wonderful and romantic concept for couples. In the beginning, men might be scared of marriage but once they decide, they will keep up their words! However, after happily starting the marriage life, couples gradually start behaving different. “Life changes after marriage" is a common saying but the main problem is these changes are both positive and negative. Most common changes are observed in men. Take a look at the changes marriage brings in men.

4 changes marriage brings in men:

Responsible: Gone are the days when you used to force him to become responsible. After marriage, men are aware of their responsibilities. They act matured and are not dependent on anyone. Becoming responsible is a basic need after marriage as he has to look after his wife and family.

Take you for granted: Conflict is a part of relationship. After marriage, conflicts are more as you get more time to stay with each other. The more you bend down, the more he starts taking you for granted. It is important to control this change or else you would end up losing your respect in front of him.

Lose interest: This is one of the most common problems of married couples. With time and years, they lose interest and the romance which was in the beginning of the relationship, is now lost somewhere. Wife gets busy with house and kid responsibilities and the husband is too busy with office and future plans.

Monotonous: Due to responsibilities, the life of married couples become very monotonous and this generally spoils the lovely relationship in the later stages. With time, you start staying together because it becomes a habit. Therefore, this change in men after marriage can be really harmful for the relationship. So, take out time for your wife and spend with her so that she also doesn't get lost.

These are the common changes marriage brings in men. These changes are possible but should not affect your healthy relationship.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 11:11 [IST]
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