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How A Wife Can Control Her Husband?

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Wife Control Husband
The best way a wife can control her husband is by not making him realise that he is been controlled. Please him in many ways and he will be madly and deeply yours. Those sweet words and romantic answers can cheer up his mood each day and make him listen to you and only you all through his life.

Today, we will suggest a few ways that can help you be a dominant wife without losing your time and energy. If you want to be a queen in your partner's eyes sneak a peek.

Ways A Wife Can Control Husband -

1. Cooking - Prepare good food and get things done by your partner your way. Most men melt for three basic things and that is food, money and beauty. You prepare good food, serve them with smile and they are ready to accept anything you ask.

2. Gifts – Buying them something that they always wanted and then acting as though you are requesting them will get your wishes fulfilled easily. Men often don't get gifts and if they receive it should be by their parents, siblings or wife so using the plan can benefit at times.

3. Beauty – The “husband in control" mantras that we are listing needs to be applied according to situation as the mood swings of men also matter. A beautiful wife can control her husband with ease as men are simply bowled over by the attractive looks. Men get tamed with physical intimacy and lose out their independence in no time.

4. Be Independent – One of the ways wives can control their husbands is by being financially independent. Freedom in terms of money can make a lot of difference in a family. He who is independent can think different, get real and plan practical. Men would respect women who have their own identity and status, they would value their views and respect feelings.

5. Caring – Men always like women pampering them. Massaging, giving them a bath, washing and ironing their clothes once in a while will impress them and make them say yes to your thoughts.

These relationship advices are not just to keep husbands in control but also help women to have a good understanding with partner. There are peaceful ways to get men in your way and these are the top best.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 16:22 [IST]
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