Sharing Household Chores – Key To A Lasting Relationship

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Sharing Chores
Do you fall into that category of men whose wives grumble because of a indifferent husband. Someone who just leaves his dirty shoes in the middle of the room, or a stinky shirt on the bed. Someone who shows the attitude of a dumb starfish on the weekend or escapes with irrelevant excuses when asked to clean the utensils once in a week. Well, if yes, then get alarmed. As the forecast of your married life after a decade is a gloomy night without a single ray of light. Find out, why sharing household chores is a key to a healthy relationship.

A research states that for every extra hour of housework men did, their risk of divorce decreased by 51 per cent. Husbands who shared household chores with their wives, led a fairly happy domestic life. Learn how these tips help you share household chores and lead a blissful married life with your spouse.

Relationship tips for husbands
Romance on the bed with your wife doesn't trigger when she dead tired by the load of housework. Married women today look forward for their husbands share of housework. It may be as simple as, helping the child do the homework or keep the utensils in place or just serve food for dinner. It doesn't make you sweat, yet it makes her feel she is in safe hands.

If you think sharing housework is is not a masculine thing to do, then make sure you don't burden her with some more work. You know that the she has spent the whole day cleaning the house, so make sure not to dirty with your shoes or anything that would make her fume and hate the day she married you. Do not make nasty comments on the food the she has prepared, may be its a bit salty or may be its a bit spicy or may be its just tasteless, just eat it because she will know when she grabs a bit too. Marriage is a bond that depends on adjustments (don't forget, very minor adjustments)!.

I have come across many men who think, weekend is a dead day. They just relax , whole day on the couch munching something in front of the idiot box or just ride to their friends house for some 'work gossip'. Don't you think your weekend will be more romantic if, you help her with kitchen work, chatting some sexy tit bits of what you read on the Internet or anything that rekindles her love for you. Talk about sharing household chores. That is sufficient to make her happy. These tips help you make small gestures that will make her blush with warmth and love.

Gone are the days when men used to go for work and women used to sit at home equipped with all the housework. Today they work for equal hours and naturally they are tired and need an extra hand at domestic work.

Relationship tips for wives
If you, think your husband is the most laziest person in the world, and no one can change him, then think again. You can make your 'want to be crippled man' to ' an active super hero'. For instance try this at home. If he throws his shoes in the middle of the room after his work, ask him to keep it aside and clean the room immediately. If he does it repeatedly then, let the shoes remain there, don't clean them. Explain to him how his sharing the housework would reduce your burden.

Wives should understand that, men have an ego problem. Most of the Asian men think being male is not doing anything that is feminine. That's how they grow up. In most of the Indian families, parents refrain their sons from doing any housework. So, understand this basic psychology of man and do not nag him too much about not sharing household chores with you.

Get a worksheet ready, if he helps you with kitchen work then promise him that you will go to pay the electricity bill or pick your child from the school. It's just understanding the basic necessities and working in shifts. Following these tips will certainly help in the long run.

At the time of your marriage vows, you promise to be beside each other every second of you life then why not actually put it into being and try build a healthy relationship!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2011, 17:44 [IST]
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