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Is Every Boy A Mamma's Boy?

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Mamma's Boy
If you ask any average girl, then a guy you would describe as a 'mamma's boy' will not be on her marriageable list at all. So what happens after marriage? All women have problems with husband and they proclaim that it is the husband's mother who is cause of these problems. 'He can never go against his mother' is a standard complain. So are we to believe that all boys are inherently mamma's boys or become so after tying the knot with another woman.

Here are some of the reasons for which guys are given this title somewhat unreasonably sometimes.

Why Men Are Mamma's Boys?

  • To counter this question you could say that then all women are their daddy's little girls. A father continues to see his daughter as the little girl he once held in his arms so why won't the mother see her son as the little boy he once was to her. The problem is the perspective of parents not with the guy.
  • Men idolize their mothers just like women idolize their fathers. For them she is the perfect homemaker and the woman they are closest to until they are married. When they do not see the traits of their mother in their wife it disturbs them and leads to relationship problems.
  • Blood is thicker than water, no matter how aromatic the water may be. Your husband's problem is and will be that he will never be able to side with you directly against his mother. But the question is can you do the same? If not then why expect it.
  • He may criticize his mother and do so in front of them but if you do it, it tugs at his heart strings. He feels protective towards his mother just like you feel towards yours. That leads to a lot of unnecessary troubles in families.
  • Guys who grow up with dominating mothers usually end with dominating wives too. It is a psychological trait. They try to find their mom in their wives. So in between two dominating women the poor guy becomes a tennis ball and even gets blamed for it.
  • After marriage a certain amount of distance comes in between the mother and the son because a couple has their own private life and time too is scarce. If the mother cannot accept this, she tries to pull her son towards herself and makes an enemy of the daughter in law. And who gets accused of taking sides in the whole battle, the poor man!
  • A guy who is truly a mamma's boy will not do anything without his mother's consent even if it is against the wife's well being. Such men are better described as spineless are immature. So it is better not to classify every guy in that category.

You may have problems with your husband but never call him a mamma's boy unjustifiably.

Story first published: Friday, December 23, 2011, 17:41 [IST]
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