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How To Deal With An Alcoholic Wife?

An alcoholic wife may be a rarer variety than an alcoholic husband but they cause much more damage to the family than man can ever cause. The woman be it the mother, daughter, wife is the root of the family; if the root starts tottering with intoxication then the family tree will fall flat on its face. The pressures of living with an alcoholic does not change be it a man or a woman but its consequences does. If your spouse is alcoholic then leaving her is not the only solution. You can still try to reclaim your wife from alcoholism.

Here are some marriage tips to help you in living with an alcoholic.

Tips To Deal With Alcoholic Wife:

  • Alcoholism does not start in day and when it does it is very difficult to come out of. Often it goes totally unnoticed until its too late. If your wife has taken to the bottle and you have not realised it, then you have not been paying attention to her. That is a good place to start working on your marriage.
  • Some women drink to escape from marriage problems. If you have been having constant fights and disagreements over a period of time then you have to keep an watchful eye on your wife. She may be drinking too much because she thinks you are going to leave her. Talk to her and that is the best solution.
  • Often women feel unheard and unappreciated. They give up their careers to care for their children, clean up after their husbands and then, the children go away and the husband is busy making money. This leads to resentment and drinking is an outlet for it. Find out if this resentment has made your wife alcoholic.
  • If your wife is prone to depression or mental disorders then she is in a high risk category for alcoholism. She may have taken to drinking in one of her blues and then got hooked. In that case just talking to her will not be enough. You need to get her professional help. Get her admitted to a rehabilitation centre or fix up appointments with a psychologist.
  • Women who do not have children due to some reason or the other have a deep seated lack of fulfillment. You may be alright without a child but motherhood is an integral part of a woman's life. You may have to consider the option of adoption to stop your wife from being alcoholic.
  • Some women drink out of sheer boredom because they have nothing else to do. In that case you have to get her involved in something to keep her occupied. Let her work in an NGO or develop a hobby she always wanted to pursue.

Living with an alcoholic is not easy and obviously you don't choose to do it happily. However, remember that tomorrow you might stand where your alcoholic spouse stands today. Would you still walk away?

Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 16:07 [IST]
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