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12 Ways To Make Your Woman Feel Happy And Loved

People often say that it is difficult to please a woman. Well, it's not that tough if she is your lady love. You can always make your woman happy by doing a few sweet things for her. Moreover, as a boyfriend, you will never want to upset your girlfriend or find her in gloominess.

If you are already scratching your head and are wondering in what ways you can make her happy, then you have arrived at the right place. This is because today we have listed down some wonderful ways through which you can please your girl and make her happy.


1. Listen To Her When She Is Talking

It is quite rude to ignore someone who is talking to you, especially if that person is your lady love. One of the best and easiest ways to make your girlfriend happy is by listening to what she says. At times, you may not be interested in listening to what she says. In such cases, it is better that you let her know that you are not in the mood to talk at the moment. But using your phone or doing something else, when she is talking about something important or sharing her thoughts shows that you do not care about her.


2. Be Honest And Trust Her

Honesty is quite important in any relationship. To make your relationship last long and stay strong, it is important that you stay honest with each other. This will also make your girlfriend happy. Women always want their partners to be honest and to place their trust in them (read: women's). Women hate when their men are dishonest or are suspicious most of the time. So, if you are someone who is always on his toes to spy on your woman or hardly care to be honest with her, then it is better that you change this habit.


3. Communicate Your Love For Her

This is another easiest way to make your woman happy and loved. There is nothing wrong with communicating your love for your girl. You can always tell her how much you love her and how lucky you feel to have her in your life. You can try saying some sweet things to her while looking into her eyes. This will definitely make her happy and her love for you will grow deeper.


4. Make Some Time For Her

Nothing can be better than taking some time for your lady love. Even if you are always on a tight schedule, try to spend some quality time with her. This will not only bring a smile on her face but will also make her feel important. She will notice that you are doing this to make her feel happy and therefore, she will value you even more.


5. Surprise Her With Souvenirs

If you are planning to go on a business trip or to a road trip with your friends, then make sure to bring some souvenirs for your lady love. It could be anything such as chocolates, accessories, a handbag, etc. This is a cute way to show that you love her and she was on your mind even when you were away. This will surely make her feel quite happy.


6. Send Some Sweet Texts To Her

If you can't spend some time with your woman due to your busy schedule or because you are in separate cities, then you can try sending some sweet text messages to her. Trust us, this will definitely work for you. For example, you can text her some sweet quotes, or how you felt when you saw her for the first time. You can also write how special she is or you can share some sweet memories that you have shared with each other.


7. Write Some Sweet Notes

Sending sweet messages is no doubt a great way to express your love for her and make her feel happy. But why not try writing a small note for her. Though love letters may sound a bit old-fashioned, they can still do wonders in your relationship. You can pen down your emotions for her and slide it in her wallet, handbag or at places she is likely to find them. You don't have to write a long love letter. Instead, you can write ‘I love you' or some other sweet messages to make her smile.


8. Respect Her

All of us want respect from our partner. Show your chivalrous side to your lady love and be a gentleman for her. You can make her happy by respecting her emotions, thoughts, opinions and choices. This will make her believe that you care for her and are happy to accept her the way she is. After all, respect is a much-needed factor in making a relationship last long and stay stronger.


9. Give Some Genuine Compliments To Her

Women love to receive compliments from their partners, provided it is genuine. So why not give some compliment to her and make her happy? We are not saying that you need to always compliment her physical appearance. You can also praise her way of handling things at work or the way she takes care of you. You can also appreciate her leadership, communication and other skills. For example, if she cooks quite well, then appreciate her for the same.


10. Make Her Feel Important

Taking your partner for granted or ignoring her at times, can make her feel less valued. We are sure that as a loving and caring boyfriend, you will never want this. So, it is advisable that you make your girlfriend feel important. For this, pay attention to her if she is saying something, seek for her advice, respect her choices and include her in your plans. In case, you do not agree with her, you can let her know the same.


11. Surprise Her With Some Delicious Food

You too can win your girlfriend's heart by cooking her favourite food. This is because it is not only men whose way to their hearts is through their stomachs. Women too are fond of food. So, if you are wondering about ways to make her happy, then you can think of surprising her with some delicacies. But if you are not that good at cooking, then you can take help from the recipes available on the internet or order her favourite food.


12. Support Her During Tough Times

What could be another way of making her happy than supporting her during some tough times? She expects you to hold her and help her when things go wrong. Moreover, this way you can help your girlfriend in making the right decision and achieving her goals. You can at least stay by her side and support her mentally and emotionally.

There can be many other ways of making your girl happy. But these are some of the ways that will definitely work for anyone like you. This will not only make your lady love happy but will also strengthen the roots of your relationship.