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7 Things To Disclose To Your Partner In The First Year Of Your Relationship

During the initial days of the relationship, people choose not to disclose certain things about themselves. They tend to share secrets and other information once they start to know their partner in a better way. If you are sure that your partner is the one you want to share your entire life with, below are the things that you should share with your partner in the first year of your relationship.

1. Your Past Relationship(s)

You should consider your partner to be worthy of knowing the truth about your past. Though you and your partner might have decided not to talk about your past relationship and sexual experience, you should speak about your past relationship(s) with your partner.

You can talk about the problems you had with your past relationship. This way you will be able to have your partner's support if your past relationship knocks at your door.

2. Your Dream Place To Settle Down

Though you might think you should not talk about your long-term plans in the first year of your relationship, talking about your long-term goals can help you and your partner to formulate a mutual plan and work accordingly. This won't let your partner feel blindsided and will save your relationship from further problems.

3. Your Financial Goals And History

It is quite understandable that during the first year you might not feel connecting finances with your partner. But sharing the information related to your finance can help you to strengthen your relationship. As this will help you to know if you and your partner are on the same page or not. Moreover, you will be able to know if your partner is a spender or a saver.

4. Your Future Plans To Have Kids

Discussing the children in the first year of your relationship might sound bizarre and 'too early' but it is better to talk for the time being. You can tell your partner if you are willing to have a child and what role you want your partner to play in the life of your kid.

Also, if you already have a child then you should convey the same to your partner. You and your partner should feel comfortable to talk about kids and how both of you will raise the kid.

5. Your Mental Health History

Since your partner is going to spend life with you, he/she should know about the issues related to your health. If you have undergone some mental health issues or if you are facing any such issue in the present, then your partner should know about this. This will help your partner to understand and support you in a better way.

6. Your Family Dynamics

Doesn't matter if your partner has met your family or not, you should talk about your family dynamics with your partner. You can tell your partner what kind of family you have; whether you are close to your family or not so close. You can also talk about a conflict that has been bothering you. Your partner might come up with an idea that can help you to deal with the conflict.

7. Your Sexual Expectations

Before you and your partner take your relationship to the next level and decide to have a sexual relationship as well, you should disclose your sexual problems, if any.

In case of any physical problem or sexual health issues, it is better to speak with your partner during the first year of your relationship. In addition to this, you can also talk about your sexual desires and expectations. This will help you and your partner to have a happy sex life.

The initial days of your relationship can be magical and delightful but it is equally important to talk about your secrets and other things with your partner. This will strengthen the foundation of your relationship and make it long-lasting.

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