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14 Signs Your Male Friend Secretly Likes You And Wants To Date You

Do you have doubts that your male friend is secretly in love with you? Does he hate to see any guy getting close to you? Have you found him trying to do things to impress you? If 'yes' is the answer to all the questions above then there is a possibility that your guy friend is head over heels for you and is looking forward to date you or be your boyfriend.

Some signs that will give you a clear idea about what's going on in your male friend's mind.

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1. He Doesn't Like When Any Other Guy Flirts With You

Your male friend is often jealous when any other guy tries to flirt with you and come close to you. You can find him feeling uncomfortable when someone hugs you or comes close to you. In fact, you can find him trying to convince you 'why someone is not good for you'. He never approves any of the guys you are friends with.


2. He Never Likes The Idea Of Dating Any Other Woman

No matter how hard you try to convince him for date someone or approach a girl, your male friend never says yes or even mentions the name ofany other woman. This can be a sign that he is completely interested in you and no one else.


3. You Are Always Part of His Plans

Irrespective of the occasion, he always makes sure that he includes you in his plans. He seems to drop those plans in which you do not participate. Whether it is a lunch, movie or cardio, he looks forward to having you along with him always.


4. He Never Seems To Get Bored Of You

No matter what you talk, your male friend is never bored with you around them. In fact, he never fails to let you know the amount of fun he has with you. Even though you are well aware of the fun you have with each other, he never fails to accept how good he feels when both of you are together.


5. He Often Hugs You

Friends can hug each other simply out of fondness for each other and express their affection for each other. But if you start to feel something different when your male friend hugs you then you must confront him.

You may feel those intense emotional vibes and that can be a sign that he wants to be your boyfriend. He may hug you like couples do and that will be enough for you to know that he is looking at you as a potential partner.


6. He Shares His Every Feelings And Thoughts With You

It is obvious for friends to share their feelings and thoughts but if your guy friend tends to share even a small detail of his whereabouts then it is a sign that he has feelings for you. Even if both of you haven't spoken in a while, he is always eager to listen to your voice and lets you know what's going on in your mind and life.


7. Your Friends Also Think He Likes You

As we know there is no smoke without fire and if your friends have already started making speculations whether he likes you or not, then you need to pay attention to it. You may not feel but both of your friends can surely sense that he has some romantic feelings for you. In order to confirm that if he likes you or not, you can ask your friends regarding the same.


8. He Gives You Genuine Compliments

He notices every single change in you, right from your haircut to new nail paint. He will not only notice your appearance but will also give you genuine compliments. He knows what suits you best and therefore, he never fake his compliments. In fact, he will come up with some unique ideas to praise your appearance and efforts.

Moreover, he may look for your approval for how he is looking and if he is doing the right thing or not.


9. He Is A Gentleman When You Are Around Him

The moment you are with him, he becomes a gentleman and treats you like his queen. For example, he won't let you carry the heavy shopping bags, will open the doors and pull chairs for you. He will make sure you are seated comfortably and will pass you the menu card to place an order when you are at a restaurant with him. Well, all men do not do this for every woman they meet, so you have to decide wisely in this case whether you want to confront him or not.


10. You Have Caught Him Stealing Glances At You

If you have already caught your male friend staring at you quite often while you are around, then it is a clear sign that he has some feelings for you. He might not voice his feelings but you need to understand that he is already head over heels for you.


11. He Pays Attention At Whatever You Speak

Irrespective of the time, he will always lend an ear to whatever you say. He will hardly ignore you and your talks. Even if you are speaking stupid things, your guy friend will always listen to your talks. Not only this, he will remember everything that you say.


12. You Find Him Trying To Flirt With You

If you feel that there is a change in the way your male friend used to tease you, then it is a sign that he started liking you. In fact, he may be flirting with you to check the way you react. Thus, you can take this sign into an account.


13. Your Friends Ask You To Date Him

If your friends are already asking you to date your male friend then there is no point in considering it a platonic thing. Maybe your friends know that he likes you and perhaps, therefore, they are insisting you to make the next move.


14. He Finds Excuses To Hold Your Hand

Friends also hold hands and there is nothing wrong but if your male friend has romantic feelings for you then it is better to confront him. This is a sign that he sees you more than a friend.

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If all the signs appear positive in your case then know that your male friend is in love with you. But if you are not having any such feelings for him and do not want to date him then instead of shouting or yelling at him, try to make him understand your perspective in a respectful way. This way you won't be insulting his feelings and make things comfortable for yourself and him as well.

Story first published: Saturday, December 28, 2019, 12:38 [IST]
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