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10 Sure Signs That Speak Of True Love In A Long-Distance Relationship

One of the biggest challenges in a long-distance relationship is retaining love and intimacy in it. Lack of love, care, understanding or even trust can make it really difficult for you to save your relationship in the long run. There can be times when you may feel that there's no love left in your relationship due to physical distance.

This can often lead you to doubt your relationship and you may question yourself whether your partner is good enough for you. But before you decide to take some tough decisions related to your long-distance relationship, let's look for signs and whether it speaks of true love in your relationship.

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1. You Always Support Each Other

If you and your partner always support each other irrespective of the land or sea between you, then this could be a sign of true love in a long-distance relationship. For example, your partner calls you to know whether or not you are doing good or how's your health. Moreover, if you have an important meeting and your partner doesn't interrupt you by calling unnecessarily, then this shows that your partner truly loves and cares for you, despite the long-distance between you two.


2. You Make Time For Each Other

Since you are in a long-distance relationship, it is obvious that you will be having your independent lives. At times, you may be busy in your respective work. It can be possible that your time zone differs from each other. While you are hitting the bed, he/she may be getting ready for work. You may not be able to match the time zone of each other. But if you and your partner still try to spare some time from your schedule to spend with each other, then it indeed is a sign of true love in a long-distance relationship.


3. You Trust Each Other

In order to ensure your partner is truthful towards you and puts his/her trust in you, it is important that you trust him/her. If you and your partner trust each other and have fidelity in your relationship, then there could be no better signs of true love. You know that you don't have to worry about whom your partner is meeting these days or if he/she has made new friends. You do not spy on each other to ensure that you are truthful to each other.


4. You Share An Emotional Intimacy With Each Other

Having an emotional intimacy in your relationship is another sign of true love irrespective of whether or not you are in a long-distance relationship. You can be assured that your long-distance relationship has true love if you are emotionally connected with each other. You share your problems with each other and try to solve them.


5. You Try To Make Efforts To Visit Each Other

Meeting each other in a long-distance relationship is not that easy. You may have to wait for months to have even a glimpse of each other. But if both of you still try your best to meet each other and share some good time, then this shows that your relationship is full of love. Booking flight tickets and buying a nice present for each other to visit your favourite being is undoubtedly true love.


6. You Let Each Other Live An Independent Life

If your partner's absence and the commitment for each other doesn't put you in stress, then this shows that your long-distance relationship is full of true love. Your partner doesn't stop you from enjoying your life according to you and allows you to live your life independently. In fact, your partner is okay with your way of living and understands that your world doesn't revolve around him/her.


7. You Make up Soon After Fights

Healthy fights are necessary for the survival of any relationship. It ensures that you are ready to discuss various topics and put your opinions related to any issue. You tend to express yourself emotionally without abusing each other. It lets you know the boundaries in your relationship, what may hurt your partner or how flexible your partner is. So, if you are fighting in a healthy way, then be assured about your long-distance relationship.


8. You Never Fail To Share Anything With Each Other

If you always keep each other updated about the things going on in your life without hiding anything, then this shows that there's true love in your relationship. Though you may not message each other for every single thing, you do not forget to share your whereabouts and other important things. For example, you let your partner know if you are going on a trip or if you have joined a new course.


9. You Both Understand Each Other’s Goals And Dreams

Just because you are in a relationship, doesn't mean that you need to have the same goals and dreams. If you and your partner are quite comfortable in focusing on your goals and work for your dreams, then this shows true love in your long-distance relationship. This is because you allow your partner to achieve his/her goals. You understand that it is important to focus on your respective goals.

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10. You Can Picture Them In Your Future

This is another sign that your long-distance relationship is full of true love. Even after not being able to meet each other and spend time, if you still consider each other in your future plans, then this clearly indicates that your relationship has true love in it.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 14:30 [IST]
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